Demo: Split Jump and Lean

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Spread the alohaTweetWant a tighter booty and flatter abs? Try the split jump & lean exercise! It strengthens the legs, glutes, obliques in an energizing move! It’s a terrific exercise to use for a HIIT! See all of our tutorials and 15-60 minute workouts on Fit Mom TV LIVE!  


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Spread the alohaTweetGet Strong. Fit. Lean. With Fit Mom TV LIVE! Get instant Access to 100s of workout videos for all fitness levels. Beginner to advanced. 15-60 minutes in length. All types of classes to choose from: Strength training circuits to build lean muscle, Tone & Tighten using light weights / high reps, Flex HIIT …

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3 Day Detox Meal Plan – Best Seller!

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12 Week Workout Plan Guide

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