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Aloha & Welcome! I am proud to offer you expert comprehensive transformation programs to achieve your weight loss & fitness goals.

My simple programs include everything you need to lose weight, increase energy & get healthy!

Healthy food, virtual coaching & custom training program are all included!

You can live in town or anywhere in the world to enjoy the benefits of my best selling Flex & Lean & other programs.

Aloha! Keep on Flexing! XO Kiana

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You can expect to lose weight, reduce fat, increase energy, get fit & healthy. Expect to feel younger, feel more vibrant & feel better than you have in years! 


what is included in the flex & lean program?

You get the best of the best with the Flex & Lean Program. This is why it’s our most popular program. Because it really works. You get our best selling weight loss kit, clients lose an average of 8-15 lbs. in 30 days on the 5/1 program. The Kit regulates blood sugar levels, resulting in weight loss and energy gain! You get Kiana’s expertise and a custom 12-week exercise program tailored to your available equipment, schedule and fitness goals. The program is easy to follow online or on our members only app. Exact sets, reps & video exercise demos so you know what to do. Ideal for all ages and all fitness levels; newbies to professional athletes & trainers. You get virtual coaching and support when you need it. We will even track your progress to help keep you accountable and motivated. Access to our private Kiana business line for direct texting, weekly emails from Kiana, monthly calls. Schedule your kick off phone call with Kiana immediately after purchase! Stay Fit!


How and when can I begin?

The fastest way to get started is to BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH KIANA to take a brief health assessment. Once your Fuel Food Kit ships and your Custom Workout Plan is created, you are ready to go! Clients lose an average of 8-15 lbs. per month, increase energy, enthusiasm and vitality!

work with me

CHANGES & create healthy habits?

Go all in! Commit to the 90-days!

Best of the Best! Get amazing results! Transform your body, mindset & create healthy habits that last!
Kick start your journey with a zoom call with Kiana! 90-day food kit shipped monthly. Included: A leaner, fitter YOU! Healthy food, shaker bottle, guides, motivational photo, tank top & weekly text check ins with Kiana. Take control of your health and fitness!

Dale: "I’ve Lost 46 Lbs. & Lost 8 1/2” Off My Waist, Reduced My Body Fat By 9% And Lowered My Metabolic Age By 4 Years...All In Under 7 Weeks."

Ian: "I Lost 58 Lbs. & 13 Inches Off My Waist! I Now Workout 2x Per Day And Love It, Just Like I Did 25 Years Ago! & I'm Off Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Medications!I Owe You!"

Tami: "This Program Changed My Life! I've Lost 28 Lbs. & Feel Better Than I Have In Years! This Has Been The Easiest Journey For Me! I’m Thankful For Kiana & All Her Guidance & Help. I Saw Results The 1st Week & Was So Motivated To Keep Going!”