Features & Benefits

Be a Private Client

Benefit from my 40 years of experience, expertise & knowledge to improve your health and fitness! 

1-On-1 coaching & guidance

Personalized Coaching with Me

All Private Clients connect with me directly. I will give you a health assessment, discuss your fitness goals, exercise history, what you want to achieve. I will create a game plan for you & help you lose weight, increase energy, get fit & healthy. You will get access to my Flex & Text business line to contact me for support when you need it. “Kick Off Call” with me is scheduled immediately after sign up to get started on your journey!

simple weight loss

Lose Weight

Clients lose an average of 8-15 lbs. per month on the 5/1 Program. All healthy food is included, you receive a 30-day supply.  You only have to make 1 simple meal per day that you can order our or get at the grocery store. I will provide simple options. No exercise required during weight loss phase, only light walking. You will receive a complete step-by-step program to conveniently track your walking as your progress to the next phase.

Get strong

Custom Training Plan

You will receive a custom training plan tailored to your exercise history, fitness goals, limitations, schedule & available equipment. We will review your progress at every 30-day interval and I will make adjustments to your program to keep you moving forward & progressing to the next level. Clients access their workouts on my members only app, follow the simple step by step instructions with sets & reps so you know what to do, access video demonstrations of the exercises for proper form & technique, log weight used, and I am even notified when you complete your workout to keep you accountable! 

You can do this!

For Everyone!

This is suitable for everyone! All ages and all levels. I have clients who are brand new to fitness, all the way up to professional & competitive athletes: People who have taken 15+ year break from fitness, 10x IronMan Triathletes, policemen and policewomen, fire fighters, stay at home moms, college students, business people, nurses, chefs, lawyers, doctors, models, and everyone in between! YOU can do this!

30-day supply of Healthy food

Custom Training Plan

Expert Advice & Support

Learn Healthy Eating

Coaching by Kiana

Meal Plans & Recipes

Learn healthy eating habits. Make health & fitness your lifestyle.