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“#1 rated show in the history of the network after only 1 week of airing.” ESPN Programming

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Kiana Tom

Best time to Stretch

The best time to Stretch is AFTER your workouts when your muscles are warm and flexible. Stretching helps increase blood flow, improves flexibility, range of

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Kiana Tom

12 Benefits of Walking

12 Benefits of daily walks Better cardiovascular health, mental health and mood Helps with weight loss Boosts immune system, reduces sugar cravings and stress eating

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Kiana's Flex Appeal

"Reaching 80 million homes worldwide in 100 countries for over a decade. The #1 rated show in the history of the network after only 1 week of airing." ESPN


the #1 rated fitness show of all time

Kiana's Fit Cooking

As a fitness expert, wife & mom, I’m always modifying family recipes for my Ohana. All of my recipes have to be approved by a hungry fire fighter, hungry kids and me!  Here’s what’s happening at the beach house.


This is my special collection of simple healthy recipes for the foods I make for my Ohana (family), to stay lean, feel our best and stay healthy! It’s easier to consistently eat healthfully when you have a reliable arsenal of recipes!” Kiana. Available in eBook & soft cover.

Kiana's Fit Cooking Show

Join Kiana and Executive Chef Eldon, winner of the Iron Chef competition, as they make healthy exotic sesame crusted ahi tuna over juicy watermelon basil salad.



•    100% all natural ingredients
   •    13g protein to rebuild muscle & be used by every part of the body to function properly
    •    Natural complex carbohydrates to provide the body with fuel for physical activity & active lifestyles
    •    Real food ingredients for sustained energy

Kiana’s Flex Appeal | Bikinis & Biceps on the Beach

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Autographed Photos, Collectibles, Photo Shoot & Flex Appeal Wardrobe

Kiana has graced the covers & pages of hundreds of national & international magazines & has been interviewed on all media: print, television, radio, web. Enjoy the photographs.


Deer Valley, Utah. Brrr. I need a faux fur bikini.

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Family travel to see wild Orca, totem poles, Tracy Arm Ford, wild salmon, bear, eagles…

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Kiana Tom’s name and fit body are internationally recognized as the Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN. Kiana is an award winning fitness expert, television host, author, actress, wife & mom, a trusted fitness authority and role model to millions.

Universal Soldier: the Return

Kiana Co-Stars with Jean Claude Van Damme (Sony Pictures)

Kiana French Country Remodel

I love remodeling homes

In progress: Renovating a 2 acre french country estate

Learning & loving the creative process

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Making time for fun fitness, body weight exercises, age appropriate strength training, healthy eating, proper form & technique, positive outlook on fitness.

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