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Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, #1 rated show!

Trusted fitness authority and role model to millions. Host & creator of the highest rated fitness show in the history of ESPN, reaching 80 million homes worldwide for over a decade.

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Do the exact program I’m doing. Workout with me wherever you live, on any device. Follow the exact program I am doing, stream classes, browse my training guides or get a custom plan.


Whole food meal plans & simple weight loss program to lose 8-15 lbs. per month.  Lose weight, increase energy, get healthy. 1-on-1 coaching & easy step-by-step instructions. All healthy food included with kit.

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1-on-1 coaching , weekly zoom calls & check-ins with me, customized workout program tailored to your exercise history, fitness goals & available equipment. Meal plan of your choice. Option to upgrade to weight loss food kit. 90-day commitment recommended. 


Order my best selling Book with my simple healthy recipes I make all the time for my Ohana. Happy to sign it for you too! 150 pages.


Grab some weights & join the fit fun! Watch & workout to my workout classes streamed from my outdoor ocean view fitness studio.  Moves for all levels.

& cooking

Browse my recipe blog for healthy breakfast, main dishes, side dishes, desserts. “It’s easier to eat healthfully when you have a gym bag of healthy recipes.” Try adding a new recipe each week!

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"I’ve Lost 46 Lbs. & Lost 8 1/2” Off My Waist, Reduced My Body Fat By 9% And Lowered My Metabolic Age By 4 Years...All In Under 7 Weeks."
"I Lost 55 Lbs. & 13 Inches Off My Waist! I Now Workout 2x Per Day And Love It, Just Like I Did 25 Years Ago! I can see my abs! I owe you, big time, Kiana!"
"This Program Changed My Life! I've Lost 28 Lbs. & Feel Better Than I Have In Years! This Has Been The Easiest Journey For Me!"

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I can help you lose weight, increase energy & vitality, slow the aging process, tighten & tone all over. Contact me for a health assessment today!

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"Best in Fitness!"
USA Today

"Fitness Queen!"
Access Hollywood

"Top Shows to Watch!"
Entertainment Weekly

"Top Fitness Expert!"
CBS Health

"Global Fitness Authority!"
Sony Pictures

"Power Princess!"
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Kiana’s name and fit body are internationally recognized as the Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show on ESPN reaching 80 million homes worldwide for over a decade. She is a trusted fitness authority and role model to millions.  

"#1 Rated Fitness Show in the History of the Network" ESPN

"Extraordinary role model for women!" Barbara Corcoran Shark Tank ABC

"Fitness Legend!"
Fit TV

#1 Top Rated

Award Winning

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Kiana was awarded the coveted United States Sports & Fitness Award and the Fitness Legend Award for her contributions to the fitness industry as a role model to millions.


Look & Feel Your Best

Lose weight, increase energy, get fit & healthy. Benefit from my 35 years of experience and take control of your health and fitness. I will guide you every step of the way. 

I have helped clients achieve their weight loss goal, reduce body fat, lose inches off their waist, get off medications, reduce inflammation, feel years younger, increase vitality,  improve their outlook on life & make positive changes in their lifestyle!

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increase energy! feel & look years younger! slow / reverse the aging process! improve your body & health! tighten & tone all over!

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My program regulates blood sugar, resulting in weight loss & energy gain.

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Plans for all ages, all fitness levels & available equipment.

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Take my classes with real clients getting fit & having fun sweating it out together.


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Simple healthy recipes

Kiana | Fit Life Tips

• Be multi faceted. Learn new things. Challenge your body and your mind. I recently took up golf and electric guitar to keep my brain challenged. • Workout first thing in the morning to set the the healthy tone for the day. It makes healthy choices easier and revs your metabolism all day.  • Surround yourself with positive people who support you and genuinely want the best for you. Stay away from energy vampires (jealous, insecure people who try to derail you) who leave you feeling drained. • Do what’s best for you. No one cares about you as much as you. • See the positive side, it’s much more fun to be happy!


I’ve lost 46 lbs. and lost 8 1/2” off my waist, reduced my body fat by 9% and lowered my metabolic age by 4 years. in just under 7 weeks. Kiana’s guidance has been above and beyond what she probably needs to do but she makes her clients needs a priority. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to drop pounds and inches, especially if you’ve tried other diets without success.
57 | Alaska | Starting the fitness Phase of Kiana's Private Client Program
Kiana's fitness & healthy eating programs have been truly LIFE CHANGING for me and my husband. I reduced my body fat by 8%!
Sonia H.
Athletic Director
& Tennis coach of the Year
Kiana's programs have been life changing for me! I saw results the 1st week and was so motivated to keep going. I have lost 28lbs and haven’t felt this great in years. This has been the easiest journey for me and I’m am thankful to Kiana for her guidance & help.
Insurance Rep & Mom
Kiana helped me find the fountain of youth! This is really the way I feel. After just a few months, I feel 10 years younger.
Debbie C.
Athletic Director
I lost 55 lbs & 13" off my waist! I am working out 2x day now, just like I did 25 years ago!
63 years
I’m embracing a younger attitude, more energy & a healthy routine. I achieved my 30 lb. weight loss goal, & easily maintained it for 9 months. Losing weight made recovery easier with my recent knee replacement surgery.  This simple program has worked well with my busy schedule. I’ve tried other weight loss programs but was never able to stick to it.

Schedule a call with me for health and fitness advice, or to learn about the simple weight loss program and get started.  I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your weight loss & fitness goals.