Attending UCLA, I would go to school and on modeling interviews all day. I got a job doing the news and would leave my condo at 4am to be at the station by 6am. I would drive home in traffic, have a quick dinner and write script after script to create my pitch for Kiana’s Flex Appeal, I would often stay up to 1 am, creating, developing, brainstorming. I wasn’t tired because I truly loved everything about the creative process. #noreplacementforhardwork

"One of the most significant UCLA alumni"


Creator and Star of Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN, "the #1 rated fitness show in the history of the network after only 1 week of airing."


"Persistence & determination is no match for the genius sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring." Kiana

“When you have your picture taken, think of a moment that goes with the pose - so your face & eyes tell the story.”


I created a niche for myself as the first athletic swimsuit model. Whereas many models would stand next to the horse or hold the props, I could ride the horse, ski slalom, snowboard, play tennis, skateboard, ride the racing bike, race the motorcycles, drive the race cars, shoot the guns.

Kiana Tom

Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

Spend more time at places that bring you true joy and happiness. For me it’s always been by the ocean.

Kiana Tom

Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

Dreams. I dream in vivid color.  My dreams often seem real and other times I feel like I’m watching a movie. I know I’m dreaming and can make myself wake up and go back to sleep to continue the dream. I know some people don’t dream or perhaps, don’t remember their dreams. I keep a journal of all my dreams. My family cannot believe the detailed dreams and strange situations that I tell them.  – Kiana

Don’t forget to stop what you’re doing to spend time with people you love.

Kiana Tom

Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

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