For those of you who have just found me, I have been working in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years.

I am internationally recognized as a trusted fitness authority and role model to millions as the Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal the “#1 rated fitness show of all time, reaching 80 million homes worldwide in 100 countries on ESPN.” ESPN Programming.

My mission in life has always been to motivate others toward the fitness lifestyle. I have led tens of thousands of televised workouts that have motivated millions around the globe toward a lifestyle of health and fitness.

With a family of my own, I am passionate about teaching my daughters the importance and value of healthy living and regular exercise. I would love to help you achieve your fitness goals and live fit!

It takes a great deal of time & effort to design custom workout plans.  As a result, only a limited number of Clients will be accepted at a time. Looking forward to helping you achieve your goals on a more personal basis. Mahalo!

“My mission has always been to motivate others to live the fitness lifestyle.”

award winning expert instruction
Proven Success

“Best in Fitness” USA Today

“Fitness Queen” Access Hollywood

“Top Fitness Expert” CBS Health

“Power Princess”  TV Guide

Award winning fitness expert, television host, author, actress, wife & mom

Kiana Tom’s name and fit body are internationally recognized as the Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal the #1 rated fitness show, reaching 80 million homes worldwide in 100 countries for over a decade.

Kiana is a trusted fitness authority and role model to millions as the Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the “highest rated fitness show in the history of the network after only 1 week of airing.”  Kiana is the Founder & Host of ESPN’s trendsetting, flagship show, & is also the show’s Producer.

Kiana has led tens of thousands of televised workout segments that have motivated millions of viewers toward a lifestyle of health and fitness.

"Fitness Queen" Access Hollywood

Due to Kiana’s tremendous success on her #1 rated show, Kiana’s Flex Appeal, ESPN Network created numerous other television shows including: “Kiana’s 2 Fit Too Quit,” “Hot Summer Nights with Kiana,” “X Games,” Summer Sizzle,” “Super Bowl Nightlife.”

Kiana’s Flex Appeal | Bikinis, Back and Biceps
Kiana’s Flex Appeal

What They're Sayin'

  • “Best in Fitness” USA Today

  • “Power Princess” TV Guide

  • “Fitness Queen” Access Hollywood

  • “Global Fitness Authority” Sony Pictures

  • “Top Role Model for Women and Moms Everywhere!” Barbara Corcoran MSNBC / Shark Tank ABC

  • “Top Show to Watch” Entertainment Weekly

  • “Top Health and Fitness Expert” CBS Health

  • “Fitness Guru” Entertainment Weekly

  • “Kiana has Worldwide Marketing Appeal” TV Goods

  • “Top role model for Asians in a Caucasian dominated industry” Yolk Magazine

  • “Glamour Girls of the Century”

  • “With her fresh positive outlook and Kiana-Do attitude, Kiana revamped the image of the California Girl” Oxygen Magazine

  • “Top TV Fitness Instructor” Fit Magazine

  • “#1 rated!” ESPN

  • “Top Fitness Show” Cosmopolitan Magazine

  • “Best body in the business” People Magazine

  • “Kiana made her mark on the 20th century” Craig Kilborne Show

  • “Kiana’s Flex Appeal defined an era” Pilgrim Films


Universal Soldier: the Return (Sony Pictures)

Kiana co-starred with Jean Claude Van Damme in the action film, Universal Soldier: the Return (Sony Pictures).  Kiana also starred in Cyberbandits with Grace Jones, Alexander Paul and Adam Ant & Karate Kid 2. Comedy / Drama: Drew Carey Show, Family Law, Pictionary. Numerous Celeb Events including golf tournaments, auctions & parties.

"Best in Fitness" USA Today

Kiana has hosted thousands of television shows in studio(s), on location(s) and in front of live audience(s,) utilizing improve, TelePrompTer, IFB and cue cards. An avid athlete, Kiana often hosted sports shows that required her to Host on camera, while on inline skates, mountain bikes or snow skis.

As Host of the popular “X Games,” Kiana’s athletic abilities enabled her to participate in many of the extreme sports to “get the interview” such as downhill street luging at 50 mph.

She has conducted hundreds of interviews for national and international television shows. As a leader in the fitness industry, Kiana was host to the national and international Fitness America Pageant series in front of 5000+ live audience(s) members.

"Top Show to Watch" Entertainment Weekly

Partnerships & Collaborations

Kiana chose top resorts in the most beautiful locations to film Kiana’s Flex Appeal: Grand Wailea, Ritz Carlton, McKenna Resort, Kealani, Breezes / Jamaica, Disney World, La Quinta Resort, Disney’s Wide World of Sports.

Celebrity Endorsements

Example: Balance Bar

For many years, Kiana worked closely with Balance Bar as Celebrity Spokesperson.  Balance Bar leveraged Kiana’s notoriety by producing a Kiana’s Flex Appeal themed national commercial, ran Kiana Balance Bar print ads in Sports Illustrated, & placed lifesize Kiana point of purchase retail displays around the country.  Kiana Emceed the annual Balance Bar / Mercedes Benz Tennis Tournaments and included Balance Bar bounce back coupons in all Kiana retail products, cross promoting their nationwide partnership.

Kiana carefully selected state of the art fitness equipment for product placement on her shows.  She partnered with top equipment & wardrobe brands such as: Nike, Reebok, TYR, Mossimo, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, York Barbell, Hoist, Nordic Track, IronGrip Dumbbells, Powerblock, and Flex Equipment.

Kiana was Spokesperson for Nordic Track hosting a national infomercial & Hoist Fitness Systems to develop Kiana’s Home Gym Equipment that she used on the Kiana’s Flex Appeal and sold worldwide:  Kiana’s Multi Flex Gym, a multi station, one directional home gym unit for home use.

"Fitness Legend" Award

Kiana is recipient of the prestigious United States Sports Academy Award

She received the coveted Fitness Legend Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger at the worldwide Arnold Expo in Columbus Ohio for her achievements as top role model in the fitness industry. 

Kiana is featured in Jane Fonda’s movie for the Sundance Film Festival, “Leaders and True Legends,” being described in Yolk Magazine as the “next Jane Fonda.”

Kiana is asked to be guest fitness celeb fitness expert to review fitness inventions on Shark Tank, ABC and hosts a worldwide television infomercial for Sharks, Kevin Harrington, founder of TV Goods, Inc. and Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and regular on MSNBC.

Shark Tank ABC

Kiana’s guest appearance as herself / fitness celeb on Shark Tank, ABC led to her hosting a worldwide television infomercial for Sharks: Kevin Harrington, founder of TV Goods, Inc. and Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul and regular on MSNBC.

“Kiana has Worldwide Marketing Appeal” Shark Tank ABC Kevin Harrington & TV Goods

“Top role model for women & moms everywhere!” Barbara Corcoran Shark Tank ABC

CBS Health Expert


Want to talk Q Score? Kiana kicks butt, measuring extremely high.

Together, Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN and Kiana’s Fit Mom TV on the web, reach 80 million homes daily. Repeat exposure, baby. Since ’95 her ESPN show has aired around the world every day, twice daily and all day on New Years days; it earned the ‘highest rated show’ in the network’s history after only one week on air. All of which led to her being called, “the Queen of Fitness” and “the most widely recognized fitness expert in the world.

Kiana's Fit Cooking

Ohana Meals

Join Kiana in her Ohana Fit Kitchen as she makes family recipes modified to be lower in fat & sodium, higher in veggies, complex carbs & lean protein. Featured Fit Cooking episodes showcase Kiana & guest Celeb Chef(s) demonstrating how to make restaurant style dishes at home.

Kiana and Guest Chef, Eldon Pico, winner of the Iron Chef competition, make Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna. Filmed on location at Marriott Hotels.

Kiana's Fit Cooking Book

New!  This is my special collection of delicious family recipes I make to stay lean, feel our best and stay healthy! It’s easier to consistently eat healthfully when you have a reliable arsenal of recipes! These are my favorite dishes I make all of the time.” Kiana. 

Available at iTunes, Amazon  Order from Kiana’s Online Shop & Kiana will sign the cover for you! Aloha!

Fit Mom TV

fitness. food. family.

The premier healthy lifestyles web series & blog for moms. Moms from 20 countries are tuning in after only 2 weeks of launch.

Fit Mom TV is a key source of information for busy moms wanting expert tips and advice on all things health and fitness. Moms can check out the Fit Mom TV Blog or tune in to Fit Mom TV LIVE! and discover exercise routines they can do at home using portable equipment, discover healthy recipes with Celeb Chefs & kid friendly foods.

Fit Family Travel Blog

Kiana & her Ohana have been bitten by the Travel Bugs!  Fit Family Travel is an exciting new Travel Blog featuring Kiana’s personal travel journal, photographs, recommendations, tips & personal experiences.

Kiana has recently partnered with local and worldwide brands as Social Media Influencer to share her adventures with her loyal fan base & social media following.


Questions? Contact us for information regarding public appearances, interviews, photo shoots, endorsements, collaborations.

    Want to collaborate?

    Brands & Partners

    Kiana has worked with some of the world’s top brands.  They leverage her notoriety as a trusted fitness authority to create awareness & promotions & showcase their brand, products & destination. We would love to work with you!

    Digital Storytelling

    We will share your brand on Kiana’s websites and her social media outlets, offering Kiana’s professional & personal perspective through beautiful photographs, travel journal, blogging and social media.

    Beautiful Photography

    High-resolution photos & artistically enhanced images for social sharing and  increased engagement.

    Fit Kids Camps

    “Motivating kids to love health and fitness at a young age.” Kiana

    Fit Kids was founded in 2012 by Kiana Tom, award winning fitness expert & Host of Kiana’s Flex Appeal ESPN, the #1 rated fitness show reaching 80 million homes worldwide in 100 countries.  Kiana received the coveted United States Sports Academy Award, the prestigious Fitness Legend Award from Arnold Schwarzenegger and was asked to speak on behalf of the President’s Council for Fitness on Fox News.  Kiana is a trusted fitness authority and has motivated millions of people around the world to live a lifestyle of health and fitness.

    Studies show that children need a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise everyday, part of which should be muscle strengthening activities." Kiana

    Kiana's Lifestyle Quotes

    • Consistency is key to a fit body.  Do a little – alot!
    • Exercise first thing in the morning before the day gets away from you!
    • Eat fresh foods that have life & energy!
    • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where the food is fresh, avoid the center aisles where the processed pre-packaged foods are sold!
    • Sparkling water is my drink of choice!
    • Try to find a little humor in stressful situations!
    • Focus on the positive!
    • As long as you and your family know the truth that’s all that matters!
    • Making other people happy makes you happy!
    • Don’t dwell on negative!
    • Surround yourself with genuine, people who support you & care about you!
    • Stay away from energy vampires, people who take away your energy & leave you drained!
    • Be outdoors more!
    • Get some sunshine every day!

    Sending you positive vibes, good health & happiness always! Kiana XOXOXO

    Kiana Tom Gray Dress 800x web


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