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Aloha! I've been bitten by the Fit Travel Bug! I am always on the lookout for active vacations, activities, healthy food & fun things to do with my family. I am excited to share my photographs, videos, travel tips & my personal recommendations with you! Let's go!

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Seeing Family & Friends. 3000 lb. 25 foot Giant Manta Rays.  Black Sand Beach. Road to Hana.  Outrigger Paddling.  Surfing with Pro Surfers.  Snorkeling with Sea Turtles. Scuba Diving off the Beach. Traditional Hawaiian Luau. Shaka!




Kiana and family travel to the Riviera Maya and see Chichen Itza, swim in a Cenote, and venture through the Yucatan Jungle.

Look at my photos & read my journal. Join me as we try house boating for the first time. Not what we expected!?

The Forecast: Sunny Skies. Cute Swim! Shop Now!

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Family travel to see wild Orca, totem poles, Tracy Arm Ford, wild salmon, bear, eagles…

Chitzan Itza, Tulem, Yukatan Jungle, Walk the Tight Rope, Cenote, Feeding Frenzy…

Girls Weekend!
in the USA

Go glamping in a large family tent complete with hot shower, comfy bed while you watch the giraffe stroll by your window.

Flex Your Muscles
Breezes Resort Bahamas

Kiana’s Flex Appeal partner. Beautiful white sand.  Para sailing.  All inclusive.  Fresh local seafood. Wonderful local vibes.

Favorite Kauai Hotel for couples and family
St. Regis Resort, Kauai

Love this spectacular resort! We stay every year, love making leis by the pool, hiking by the waterfalls, power walking the many lush trails.

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Dog Sledding

Kiana's Fit Travel

Snowy Vacay

Zip Lining over the Snowy Mountains, Roller Coaster in the Snow, Local Eats, Snow Boarding, Skiing....

Family travel to see wild Orca, totem poles, Tracy Arm Ford.

Stay on the Canadian side for the best view. Where to go, where to eat, what you must see.

Endless fun activities for all ages for the perfect vacation

Kiana's Fit Family Travel Journal

Fun Family Activities and Day Trips

Fun & creative experiences, must sees, motivating and inspiring family fun!

Niagra Falls

Don't just see the falls. Go behind the falls and tour the tunnels.

Canadian Side has a better view

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Cruising to Alaska

What to see! What to eat! Tours to take!

My Alaska Trips pre & post family

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Walk the tight rope

Loved the Hard Rock International at Riviera Maya
Walk the tight rope! Feeding Frenzy with Wild Fish! Yukatan Jungle! Cenote! Chitzan Itza!
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Dog Sledding

Where & when to go

Must do activity

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Discover Science in the Sunshine

San Diego, CA Balboa park is a wonderful day trip. Kid friendly, retro amusement park, fun learning, lush colorful gardens, fountains & beautiful architecture

Feed a Giraffe

Did you know a giraffe’s tongue is about 12″ long and slimy? Yup. You can feed the giraffe at the San Diego Zoo,  the #1 Zoo in the World!

Follow me to Paradise

Riviera Maya is amazing! Walk the tight rope over the ocean, see Chitzan Itza, 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World, amazing gym, local healthy food, 2 hotels: 1 for family, 1 for adults. One thing I didn’t like was the …

Swim in a Cenote

Naked and afraid?  It was for me! Beautiful to look at but…A cenote is a gigantic natural pool with long vines hanging from the trees above. Beware of the …

10 Photos to make you want to visit Cabo

Love Cabo. Can’t beat the quick flight & laid back vibes. Be safe, stay at the 5 star resorts. Next time we go I want to try …

Come to Paradise in Hawaii

Grand Wailea Resort | Kiana’s Flex Appeal Hotel Partner. Beautiful resort. Private beaches. Koi pond. Amazing restaurants. Romantic Oceanside chapel.

Kiana's Flex Appeal Grand Wailea Maui

Kiana's Flex Appeal Ritz Carlton Maui

Kiana's Flex Appeal Breezes Bahamas

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