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This is our best selling program that regulates blood sugar, resulting in weight loss & energy gain.


Want to lose 20 lbs. or more? I am excited to share a simple weight loss program that really works. ALL of my clients have lost weight & feel better than ever! My clients have lost 20-80 lbs. & are keeping it off after learning healthy eating habits through my coaching & this program. This program is backed by science & recommended by medical professionals.

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Clients brag about Their results

Tami: "This program changed my life! I've lost 28 lbs. & feel better than I have in years! This has been the easiest journey for me!"

“I’m thankful for Kiana & all her guidance & help.
I saw results the 1st week & was so motivated to keep going!”

Dale: "I’ve lost 46 lbs. & lost 8 1/2” off my waist, reduced my body fat by 9% and lowered my metabolic age by 4 years...all in under 7 weeks."

Dale 57 years | Alaska
Starting Strength Training Phase this week | Kiana Private Client

Dale | Lost 46 lbs. & reduced Metabolic age by 4 years in 8 weeks

"i definitely recommend this pr0gram especially if you've tried other diets without success.”

Ian, 63 years

Ian: "I lost 55 lbs. & 13 inches off my waist! I now workout 2x per day and love it, just like i did 25 years ago! I owe you!"
Ian 63 years
“I have tried many diets in the past and was unable to stick to any of them. I have lost 16.6 lbs in 4 weeks and I am thrilled!"
57 years
“This program has changed my life 100%! I've lost 28 lbs. so far & feel better than i have in years!”
52 years
“I achieved my 30 lb. weight loss goal & maintained it easily for 9 months! I’m embracing a younger attitude and have more energy!”

"Feeling & Looking Healthy
& Strong. I Have More Confidence & I Feel Great!"

“I've been training & following Kiana’s workout routines & nutrition advice for the past 10 years with success! Kiana is a constant motivator & always encourages me. Kiana truly cares about her clients & wants them to feel and look their best.”

Tami | Lost 28 lbs.

"this program has changed my life!"

"I lost 62 lbs. and have kept it OFF! My sister is on the program & she has lost 42 lbs. so far!"

Client: Vena | lost 37 lbs.

"This is the only program that worked for me. and i've tried them all!"

WHY the program works.

The simple program balances blood sugar levels, resulting in weight loss & energy gain. You adopt healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

There are 3 key components as to why this Program works:

1. Coaching: professional coaching support & advice to keep you on track. Step by step instructions. Daily, weekly, monthly check-ins as you progress toward your goals.

2. Fuel Kit: The Program is based in science & offers balanced carbohydrates & protein macro nutrient rations. All healthy food included. Each day, you eat 5 of our perfectly balanced meals & make 1 simple healthy meal you get from the grocery store. 30-day supply of grab & go options available for busy people.

3. Create Healthy Habits: you will learn & adopt healthy lifestyle habits to help you lose weight & keep the weight off thru simple behavior adjustments & lifestyle change

Clients are losing weight, reducing body fat, lowering their metabolic age, feeling & looking younger, getting off medications, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, sleeping better, reducing stress, increasing confidence & self esteem, & adopting healthy habits to last a lifetime.

I hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to lose weight, & get healthy. Kiana 🙂

HOW does it work? What will I eat?

The program is really simple. Your typical day would look like this:

  • Eat a fueling* 30 min. after waking

  • Eat another every 2-3 hours. Why? To regulate blood sugar, resulting in weight loss & increased energy

  • Make 1 simple meal that you can buy at the grocery store or order out, that consists of lean protein & vegetables

  • Drink a min. of 64 oz of water per day

  • No strenuous exercise for weeks 1-2, only light walking. After that you can resume your normal exercise routine. Total body fitness program included.

*Fuelings are grab-n-go, perfectly balanced, healthy nutrition.  All macronutrients: protein, carbs & fat are balanced for you.  Dozens of choices such as bars, shakes, pasta, soup, crunchers, brownie, cookies, etc. Client purchases 30-day supply as needed.

The program is super powerful when you do it with someone. Nancy, a police Detective &
her fire captain husband, jon,
are losing
weight together!

Client: Sonia | Reduced Body fat 8%

"This has been life changing for me."

This program is also for people who want to fine tune their physique & eating habits. Sonia, Women's Tennis Coach of the Year & Athletic Director at a major University, was looking to reduce belly fat & tone all over.

Sonia: “Kiana’s programs have been life changing for my husband & for Me. Not only have I lost weight, I have also reduced my body fat by 8%!”

“Kiana’s program has been a lifestyle change for me! I’ve learned to love weight training in addition to cardio. Kiana has showed me how often I need to fuel my body to achieve the results I want.”
Women's Tennis Coach of the Year | Athletic Director

Client: debbie | athletic director

"i feel 10 years younger!"

"Thank You, Kiana. I Will Always Be Grateful For Your Encouragement & Plan To Help Me Put Vitality Back Into My Life."

“Kiana helped me find the
fountain of youth!!
I feel 10 years younger!
This is really
how I feel!”

"I am a 66 year old female who hit the age of 65 & it seemed that I was falling apart. I underwent a total knee replacement, then was diagnosed with lung cancer & a lobectomy, all in a 12 month period of time. I found myself weak & I rationalized to myself that this was how it was to "get old." Then, a friend introduced me to Kiana & my life began to change. After just a few months, I feel 10 years younger. I can climb ladders & lift heavy objects. The transformation in how I feel has been nothing short of miraculous. I now know that celebrating another birthday doesn't mean that I can't be physically fit. I'm not ready to run marathons, but I do have confidence that I can take care of myself, & after what I have endured over the last 18 months, that is a big statement. Thank you, Kiana. I will always be grateful for your encouragement & plan to help me put vitality back into my life."
Debbie | 66 years
Athletic Director

Client: Rebekeh | Lost 30 lbs.

"I’m embracing a younger attitude! I am more energetic & now have a positive daily routine!

I achieved my 30 lb. weight loss goal, AND  maintained it easily for 9 over months! I’m embracing a younger attitude!  I am more energetic and now have a positive daily routine! The benefits to my weight loss have enabled me an easier recovery with my recent knee replacement surgery.  I now admit that over the years  I indulged too often and allowed my weight to keep increasing. As an avid equestrian, I was able to ride but I knew I didn’t feel as good about it as I should.  I wasn’t proud of myself or liked having photos taken with me in them.  Being overweight made me tired and decreased my energy level. I absolutely recommend the program for everyone who wants to be healthier, lose weight and continue an overall more energetic and disciplined lifestyle.  Kiana’s support & the entire program is a win/win!



Take control of your health. Start today.

“Since starting this program, I’ve lost 38.6 pounds, 7″ off my waist & down 7% body fat in just over 1 month. My sleep cycles have gotten much better and I’ve gone from about 4 hours of sleep a night to 7. That goes a long way in keeping my energy levels up throughout the day. My work keeps me on the go constantly so the “grab and go” fuelings work extremely well for me. No worries about finding a microwave to heat food and carrying around a whole days supply is no problem at all. I haven’t felt hungry hardly at all provided it don’t go an excessive amount of time without eating. 

Kiana’s guidance has been above and beyond what she probably needs to do but she makes her clients needs a priority. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to drop pounds and inches, especially if you’ve tried other diets without success.”


Dale | Kiana Private Client

Alaskan Guide

Client Weight Loss Transformation | www.kiana.com

This program has changed my life 100%! Having psoriatic arthritis has made it hard on my joints and made it hard for me to workout, therefore weight gain crept up on me and made my arthritis worse!  My sister introduced me to Kiana.  The program food is actually less than I was spending at the grocery store. I saw results the first week and was so motivated to keep going.  I have lost 28 lbs and haven’t felt this great in years! I have less weight on my joints and bones, and am able to workout easily now. I also have a ton of energy!  This has been the easiest journey for me and I am thankful for Kiana and all her guidance and help. 



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