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Aloha! I have worked in the fitness industry for over 35 years. On Kiana’s Flex Appeal, I have led millions of television viewers toward a lifestyle of healthy living and I am excited to help YOU! I have a variety of reliable tools to help clients of all ages, all fitness levels and all stages of life.  I am excited to help you reach YOUR weight loss goal, take your body & health to the next level! Contact me today for a personal health assessment to help you create a plan of action to reach your goals.

Kiana Tom

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"Best in Fitness" USA Today
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Super proud of my husband, Dennis, he lost 25 lbs. & 7″ off his waist in only 1 1/2 months and kept it off! Learn about the simple program.  I will explain it all to you and you can decide. Click here to schedule a call with me.

Kiana's Husband, Dennis


Lose 8-15 lbs. per month

  • Dennis lost 25 lbs.
  • Pete lost 42 lbs.
  • Carrie lost 42 lbs.
  • Vince has lost over 41 lbs.
  • Sonia reduced her body fat by 8%
  • Laurie just started and has lost 12 lbs.
  • Carol has lost 25 lbs.
  • Tami has lost 14 lbs. after only 3 weeks
  • Michael has lost over 25 lbs.
  • Sidney lost 15 lbs.
  • Chris lost 22 lbs.
  • Jon has lost over 25 lbs.
  • Nancy lost over 15 lbs.
  • Amy has lost 15 lbs. & reduced her body fat dramatically
  • Rebekeh has lost 24 lbs.
  • Vena has lost 19 lbs.
  • to name only a FEW! 

Get Real Results

Checkout these impressive results from the Weight Loss program!

Jon & Nancy Lost 40 lbs.

Nancy, a police detective and Jon, a fire captain did the program together as a couple. They lost over 40 lbs. The program is very powerful to do together!

Jim, Lost 42 lbs.

Jim has lost over 42 lbs. and kept it off. Such a healthy, positive change. Way to go Jim! He has had such tremendous success that now his sister is on the program.

Carol, Lost 35 lbs.

I’ve tried every diet there is. This is the ONLY program that is simple and sustainable as a way of life! I highly recommend it!

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Look at the "life changing results" for Sonia, an athletic director at a major university. She is on the Flex & Lean Training Program for fat loss & muscle gain. As you can see, this program is not just for weight loss, it is also an effective tool for reducing body fat & establishing healthy eating habits.

"This has been life-changing. I reduced my body fat 8%" Sonia

“This has been life-changing for my husband and me.  Not only have I lost weight, I have reduced my body fat 8%!  Now that I achieved my goal weight, Kiana’s program has been a lifestyle change for me and I enjoy her Flex & Lean training program.  I’ve learned to love weight training in addition to cardio.  Kiana has showed me how often I need to fuel my body to achieve the results I want to achieve.” 

The Flex & Lean Program includes a coaching call with Kiana, 90-day complete custom personal training program, your choice of meal plan, recipes & grocery list. Support & advice when you need it. Easy access online or on our member’s only app.

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