Super Simple
Weight Loss Program

The program regulates blood sugar levels, resulting in weight loss and energy gain. It is based in science and yields predictable results. The grab-n-go healthy food is perfectly balanced in protein, carbohydrates and fat. All the macro nutrients are done for you. Lose 8-15 lbs. per month.

Increase Energy

Increase energy, enjoy a renewed sense of control and vitality in your life. Learn healthy eating habits to last a lifetime. Clients report “better sleep, more energy & feeling 10 years younger.”  You will eat every 2-3 hours to balance your blood sugar and raise your metabolism. 

Get Healthy

I am proud to have helped millions of television viewers around the world to live a healthier lifestyle. My weight loss clients have lost weight, increased energy, reduced inflammation, gotten off medications, reduced body fat, &  improved their quality of life. I can definitely help you.

lose weight. increase energy.
get healthy.

Kiana Tom
Star & Founder of Kiana's Flex Appeal
Over 55 • Mom of 2

"Best in Fitness" USA Today
"Fitness Queen" Access Hollywood
"Top Fitness Expert" CBS Health

Aloha! I can help you achieve your weight loss goal! I have over 35 years experience in the fitness industry leading millions around the world toward a lifestyle of health and fitness.

I have helped people lose weight, reduce body fat, get off medications, reduce inflammation, increase energy, sleep better, reduce stress, increase confidence & self esteem, and adopt healthy habits to last a lifetime. 

My nutrition programs are highly effective tools that are based in science to help you reach your weight loss goal & get healthy. They are perfectly balanced carbohydrate & protein macro nutrient rations which is how the majority of nutritionists and dietician plans are formulated.  You have the option to prepare your own meals or sign up for my simple program that includes healthy food. You eat 5 of our perfectly balanced meals and make 1 simple healthy meal you get from the grocery store a day.

The weight loss program balances blood sugar to get consistent results every time. Women lose an average of 8-12 lbs. per month and men lose an average of 12-15 lbs. per month.  No exercise required during first 2 weeks of the weight loss phase. Only light walking. Option to add a strength training exercise program.

If you are ready to see a serious change in your health, take a free health assessment or book a call with me to get started!

Background: I have helped millions of people around the world get fit and stay fit on my show, Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the #1 rated fitness show in the history of ESPN reaching 80 million homes around the world in 100 countries. I have led hundreds of thousands of televised shows & workouts to teach people how to exercise and eat healthfully.  I have motivated people of all ages to start exercising for the very first time, to living the fitness lifestyle thru adulthood. I have taught people from all walks of life to live a healthier lifestyle, improve athletic performance, to pursue careers in fitness, motivate & teach others, and even pass on their passion for healthy living to their children. It is my mission in life to educate & help people of all ages & all fitness levels improve their health and quality of life thru health and fitness.

“Fitness Queen!” EXTRA • “Best in Fitness!” USA Today • “Top Fitness Expert!” CBS Health

“Power Princess!”  TV Guide • “Global Fitness Authority” Sony Pictures • “Top Health Expert” CBS Health

“Top Role Model” Barbara Cochran Shark Tank ABC • “Fitness Legend” FitTV • “Top TV Fitness Instructor” Cosmopolitan

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Create healthy habits to last a lifetime

Amazing Results

Super proud of my husband, Dennis, he lost 25 lbs. & 7″ off his waist in only 1 1/2 months and kept it off! Learn about the simple program.  I will explain it all to you and you can decide. Click here to schedule a call with me.

Kiana's Husband, Dennis


I achieved my 30 lb. weight loss goal, AND  maintained it easily for 9 over months! I’m embracing a younger attitude and a more energetic and positive daily routine! The benefits to my weight loss have enabled me an easier recovery with my recent knee replacement surgery.  I now admit that over the years  I indulged too often and allowed my weight to keep increasing. As an avid equestrian, I was able to ride but I knew I didn’t feel as good about it as I should.  I wasn’t proud of myself or liked having photos taken with me in them.  Being overweight made me tired and decreased my energy level. I absolutely recommend the program for everyone who wants to be healthier, lose weight and continue an overall more energetic and disciplined lifestyle.  Kiana’s support & the entire program is a win/win!



Jim lost 62 lbs. and has kept it OFF! He has had such tremendous success that now his sister is on the program and has lost 42 lbs. so far!



Look at my WAIST! I’ve been training and following Kiana’s workout routines and nutrition advice for the past 10 years with success!  This year, I started the Weight Loss Program.  It first slimmed me down, then it kept me at my weight goal, feeling and looking heathy and strong.  My husband compliments me, I have more confidence and I just feel great. Kiana is a constant motivator and always encouraging me to be my best.  Kiana truly cares about her clients and wants them to feel and look their best.  She is now having great success with my sister that has struggled for years with weight and is now feeling better than she has in years physically and mentally. I’m so happy with both of our progress!


Nurse / mom

Super Simple Program • Predictable Results

I feel amazing! I have lost over 37 lbs. and 8″ off my waist! And, I have kept it off! I’ve tried every diet and every weight loss program on the market. THIS is the ONLY program that has worked for me! It is a completely sustainable way of life and it really works! I have a new healthy lifestyle, and have told all of my friends about it! Highly recommend!


Software Developer


Kiana helped me find the fountain of youth! This is really the way I feel. I am a 66 year old female who hit the age of 65 and it seemed that I was falling apart. I underwent a total knee replacement, then was diagnosed with lung cancer and had a lobectomy, all in a 12 month period of time. I found myself weak and I rationalized to myself that this was how it was to “get old.” Then, a friend introduced me to Kiana and my life began to change. After just a few months, I feel 10 years younger. I can open jars and climb ladders and lift heavy objects. The transformation in how I feel has been nothing short of miraculous. I now know that celebrating another birthday doesn’t mean that I can’t be physically fit. I’m not ready to run marathons, but I do have confidence that I can take care of myself, and after what I have endured over the last 18 months, that is a big statement. Thank you, Kiana. I will always be grateful for your encouragement and plan to help me put vitality back into my life.



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