Kiana and her trend setting fitness show, Kiana’s Flex Appeal, have motivated millions of television viewers toward a lifestyle of health and fitness. 


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"HIghest ratings in the history of the network after only 1 week of airing."
ESPN Network

#1 rated fitness show

Motivating viewers worldwide for over a decade


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  • “Best body in the business” People Magazine

  • “Worldwide Marketing Appeal” TV Goods

  • “Top role model for Asians in a Caucasian dominated industry” Yolk Magazine

  • “Glamour Girls of the Century”

  • “With her fresh positive outlook and Kiana-Do attitude, Kiana revamped the image of the California Girl” Oxygen Magazine


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Partnerships with top resorts & brands around the world. Grand Wailea Resort, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Nike...


  • “Top Show to Watch” Entertainment Weekly

  • “Kiana made her mark on the 20th century” Craig Kilborne Show

  • “Kiana’s Flex Appeal defined an era” Pilgrim Films

  • “Top TV Fitness Instructor” Fit Magazine

  • “#1 Top Rated! Kiana’s Fans Love her!” ESPN

  • “Top Fitness Show” Cosmopolitan Magazine


Pro Gym, Target Training, Aqua Flex, Home Gym

  • “Top Health and Fitness Expert” CBS Health

  • “Fitness Guru” Entertainment Weekly

  • “Best in Fitness” USA Today

  • “Power Princess” TV Guide

  • “Fitness Queen” Access Hollywood

  • “Global Fitness Authority” Sony Pictures

  • “Top Role Model for Women and Moms Everywhere!” Barbara Corcoran MSNBC / Shark Tank ABC


Kiana's Flex Appeal Grand Wailea Maui

Kiana's Flex Appeal Ritz Carlton Maui

Kiana's Flex Appeal Breezes Bahamas


Filmed at the Maui Prince Hotel, Maui HI

Due to Kiana’s tremendous success and popularity of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, ESPN aired her show twice daily and all day every New Year’s Days.

ESPN developed numerous shows for Kiana including:

“Summer Sizzle with Kiana”
“Hot Summer Nights with Kiana”
“Extreme Energy!”
“Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit”

Kiana was Host of the Fitness America Pageant in the USA and Internationally, featured reporter for the X-Games and Super Bowl Nightlife ABC Sports.


Partnerships, Endorsements & Collaborations

Kiana's Flex Appeal story

Kiana Tom is the Creator and Star of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the “#1 rated fitness show of all time.” Kiana’s Flex Appeal reached 80 million homes worldwide in 100 countries for over a decade, airing twice daily on ESPN, and all day on New Years Day(s).   Not only is Kiana the Star of ESPN’s flagship, trend setting fitness series, but she is also the show’s producer. 


Kiana created the look, feel and style of the shows. As Founder of the series, Kiana developed the popular segments: Pro Gym, Home, Gym, Target Training, Aqua Flex, Fact or Fiction. Kiana created the filming style for each segment, directing cameramen to film her vision. She selected beautiful filming locations, hand picked cast & crew, wrote the 10,000+ workout scripts, chose eye catching colorful wardrobe and all state of the art fitness equipment. 

Kiana even spent weeks in the editing room for post production.

“When your name is on a television show, you want to make sure your vision is portrayed as closely  as possible.” Kiana.


After only 1 week of airing, Kiana’s Flex Appeal became the “highest rated show in the history of ESPN.” As a result, Kiana’s Flex Appeal became ESPN’s flagship show.


Due to the tremendous success of Kiana’s trend setting television series, ESPN created other shows around Kiana: “Summer Sizzle with Kiana,” “Hot Summer Nights with Kiana,” “Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit.”  Kiana was Host for the inagural XGames and SuperBowl Nightlife for ESPN & ABC.

  • For Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Kiana chose beautiful locations at top resorts such as: Grand Wailea, Ritz Carlton, McKenna Resort, Kealani, Breezes / Jamaica, Disney World, La Quinta Resort, Disney’s Wide World of Sports.
  • Kiana was hired by ESPN to be Disney Cruise’s Celebrity Guest, cutting the ribbon for the inaugural Disney Wonder Cruise, sailing to Disney’s private island
  • For Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Kiana carefully selected state of the art fitness equipment & wardrobe such as: Reebok, Asics, Mossimo, Life Fitness, IronGrip Dumbbells, Hoist Fitness Systems, Powerblock, Hammer Strength and Flex Equipment to name a few.
  • Kiana partnered with Nordic Track & Hoist Fitness Systems to develop Kiana’s Home Gym Equipment that she used on the Kiana’s Flex Appeal and sold worldwide.
  • Kiana has graced the covers & pages of hundreds of worldwide publications, appeared in countless televised interviews and public appearances.
  • Kiana was hired as national spokesperson for Balance Bars, appearing in a Kiana’s Flex Appeal themed national commercial, print ads in Sports Illustrated, Emcee for the Balance Bar / Mercedes Benz Tennis Tournament and Kiana Balance Bar displays in markets around the country.

Kiana's Flex Appeal Maui Prince Hotel

Kiana's Flex Appeal Ritz Carlton Maui

Kiana's Flex Appeal Maui Prince Hotel


Hawaii • Jamaica

Home Gym Workouts

Kiana created the timeless Home Gym Workout segment showing viewers workouts & exercises using portable equipment and home gym gear.

Target Training

Kiana developed the popular Target Training segment, focusing on specific muscle groups.

Beautiful Locations

Filmed on location at beautiful resorts & spas such as the Grand Wailea, Ritz Carlton, Disney, Maui Prince, Breezes Bahamas

Pro Gym Workouts

Beginner to advanced training techniques.  Timeless workouts and exercises that viewers can do at the gym using free weights & machines.

Beauty Bumps

Kiana incorporated fitness & swimwear fashion bumps to commercial break. “Live life in a bikini!”

Coed Training

Men & women training together adds an element of competition.   Kiana personally interviewed & selected all cast members each season.

Unique Intro

Every show has a unique introduction to motivate and set the tone for the upcoming shows. “I would film fashion & swimsuit footage at lunch break and after filming 10 hours of workouts.  I was non stop!” Kiana

Kiana Quick Tips

Simple tips to help viewers improve their health and fitness lifestyle. Topics include: nutrition, training, supplements, sports. Kiana worked with Penn State University for all fitness & nutrition studies.

Kiana Equipment

Kiana partnered with Hoist Fitness Systems to develop a multi station unit sold nationwide called the Kiana Flex Gym which she used on Kiana’s Flex Appeal.  Kiana also hosted the infomertial for the Nordic Flex by Nordic Track.

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