5 Tips to Staying on the Fitness Track During the Holidays

I’ve been living the health and fitness lifestyle my entire life here are 5 realistic tips to help you stay on track during the holiday season

  1. Exercise early. Working out first thing in the morning energizes your body and mind and helps you feel productive early on. It also makes healthy choices easier throughout the day.  Remember when it comes to exercise, “some is better than none.
  2. Catnap. My energetic grandmother who went skydiving on her 70th birthday was extremely youthful and energetic her entire life. She credited this to taking frequent naps.  She was able to nap anywhere. The benefits of napping are cumulative just like exercise.
  3. Hydrate. Most people think they’re hungry when they’re really just Thirsty. Studies show most people are actually dehydrated. An easy way to drink more water which I have done my entire adult life is to drink a glass first thing when I wake up, have a glass of water before each & every meal and every snack, before and during my workouts. I also have refillable water bottles in my cars.   I know some people have told me they do not like the taste of water if this is your case try my best selling, fruit infusion bottles which allow you to create your own naturally flavored water with added nutrients, free guide included. 2 Styles of bottles. These make wonderful stocking stuffers, healthy gifts for teachers, hairstylists, etc.
  4. Be creative with your workouts. During the busy holidays, it’s often hard to get to the gym. When I created KIANA‘s flex appeal I also created the popular home gym segment. Purchase some basic, cost-effective home gym equipment: a set of hand weights, a fitness bench, jump rope, and a fitness mat and you will save a lot of time not driving to and from the gym but still get in your training. Log in to my online gym to choose from hundreds of workouts with thousands of exercises, anywhere in the world you are from any device eGym.Kiana.com
  5. Don’t overdo it just because it’s the holidays. I actually eat the same way I do any other time of the year. I don’t overeat during the holidays. Many times people use the excuse that it’s the holidays to eat more sugar, drink more, stay up later only to make it harder to get back into shape for the New Year. Instead, practice moderation, enjoy tastes of holiday sweets - not entire plates. Remember to have lots of healthy food on hand. Every Sunday is Meal Prep Sunday, I make double batches of healthy meals using my favorite recipes.

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