Fitness | How much weight should you lift?

Make the most of the time spent working out by lifting the correct amount of weight. Select a weight that is appx. 65% of your 1 rep maximum. If you can do 20 reps, you’re not lifting enough weight. Free Trial at Kiana’s eGym! Let’s train together! Click here for info. FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrLinkedinemail

Video: 20+ Free Weight Exercises

Aloha! I love working out anywhere, at home, in the gym or outdoors! The beach offers an excellent place to train as the soft sand makes an unstable surface that works your stabilization muscles, getting you fitter faster! Hope you enjoy this little beach fit video!   See 100s of video workouts that you can …

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Demo: Split Jump and Lean

Want a tighter booty and flatter abs? Try the split jump & lean exercise! It strengthens the legs, glutes, obliques in an energizing move! It’s a terrific exercise to use for a HIIT! See all of our tutorials and 15-60 minute workouts on Fit Mom TV LIVE!   FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrLinkedinemail


Get Strong. Fit. Lean. With Fit Mom TV LIVE! Get instant Access to 100s of workout videos for all fitness levels. Beginner to advanced. 15-60 minutes in length. All types of classes to choose from: Strength training circuits to build lean muscle, Tone & Tighten using light weights / high reps, Flex HIIT 15 fast …

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Print: Trouble Area Training Guide

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Improve your posture with Arm Rows

Want to improve your posture? Look and feel more confidant? Look younger? Then try this time saving compound exercise! Starting position: Stand with right foot in front, knees slightly bent, shoulders back and down, dumbbell in each hand, abs tight.  Hinge forward until your back is flat and almost parallel to the floor.  Make sure …

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