Kiana Combo X: Training Rope Jump Outs

Have you tried Training Ropes?

I absolutely LOVE them! This is one of my favorite Kiana Combo X moves right now. You do 10 undulations each arm, trying to bring the wave of the ropes to shoulder level. Then you immediately go into a jump out to plank or 1/2 burpee. Repeat for 1 minute. I incorporate this exercise into my Strength Circuits and Flex HIIT Method.

A sample workout with this exercise would be:

3 Rounds / 1 minute exercise / 15 second rest

  • Goblet Squats
  • Chest Press Crunch
  • Dead lift Rows
  • Piston Curls
  • Rope Jump Outs

Training Rope Jump Outs: How to do them

Starting position: Hold the ropes in each hand. Stand in wide athletic stance, knees bent to protect the lower back, abs fired up. Shoulders retracted and pressed down. Your entire body should be tight and flexed: abs, glutes, hamstrings, arms. The Move: keeping the shoulders back, abs tight, static squat position and back straight, alternate bringing each rope up and down in a "wave pattern" strive to make the waves even and consistent, and at shoulder height. Important to keep the shoulders back and core tight. Do 10 undulations each arm. Then drop to the floor, place both arms on the mat, elbows slightly bent to take pressure off the joints and use the muscles in the chest, shoulders and arms to support your body weight. Jump both feet out* to straight plank and immediately back in. Grab the ropes and repeat for 1 minute. *Beginners: do not jump your feet out, walk out to plank or knee plank.


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