8 Tips to Live More Fit

8 Tips to Live More Fit

Aloha everyone! I wanted to share my Tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Keep on Flexing!

1. Exercise early. Exercise 1st thing in the morning, before the day gets away from you. This sets the tone for the day, makes healthy choices easier, you’re productive early on & it and revs your metabolism all day long. More often than not, waiting to workout until the end of the day means something will come up to prevent you from training regularly.  Browse 100s of workout videos and classes online here

2. Be consistent. Consistency is key to a fit body. Strive to make daily exercise a habit, just like brushing your teeth. Regular exercise increases energy, boosts your immune system, fights the effects of aging, releases feel good endorphins, reduces body fat & increases all important lean muscle.

3. Train with a partner. Surround yourself with like-minded people with similar goals, who support you & your healthy choices. Knowing someone is waiting for you & counting on you to be there, makes it easier to stick to your workouts. Motivating others is extremely motivating in itself.

4. Set mini goals. Having a goal in sight is an inspirational and fun way to stay focused. Set short term goals such as training for an upcoming race, contest, triathlon or signing up for fitness challenges.

5. Eat clean & eat often. Eat 5-6 Mini Meals per day instead of 3 large meals. Eat every few hours to keep your blood sugar levels even & prevent yourself from getting so hungry that you eat junk food. Never eat fast food. Ever. Instead, choose healthier pre-made options found at the grocery store. Think kale salad kit with pre-cooked chicken breast on top. Easily eat more fruit & veggies by blending coconut water, spinach, pineapple, banana & yogurt and you have a few healthy servings of fruit & veggies under your belted skinny jeans.

6. Shop smart. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where the fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, & protein are sold. Avoid the center aisles where the pre-packaged, processed food are stored. Buy organic when possible & eat food in a variety of colors to get the widest variety of nutrients.

7. Outsmart yourself. Many people don’t like to eat fruits & vegetables. If you are one of those people, drink them instead. Fill up your blender with coconut water, a handful of spinach, pineapple, banana & yogurt and you have a few healthy servings of fruit & veggies under your belted skinny jeans.

8. Eat at home. One of the most effective ways to control what you eat, how it’s prepared, & where it comes from, is to buy it & cook it yourself. Stick to grilled, poached, baked, steamed preparation methods. If you do go out to restaurants, be picky in a nice way & order food exactly how you want it prepared to stick to your healthy, clean eating way of life.

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