6 Great Exercises for Strong Hip Flexors

6 Exercises for Strong Hip Flexors

Why? Keep your hip area strong, prevent hip injuries

Terrific strengthening exercises for runners, bikers, non athletes and people who sit for extended periods of time


In this post, Fit Mom TV is proud to Feature Fit Mom Erin.  A prime example of a Super Fit Mom living the healthy lifestyle.

Note from Erin: I worked OT on the police helicopter and was a top contender for a pilots spot but that's the extent of the excitement. Then I became pregnant and quit all the fun stuff for 3 years of dirty diapers and gooey fingers. I think I actually made out in the deal but don't tell my husband. I'm just starting back to running so I'm only running 4 days a week, about 17-20 miles a week. After this race in April I'll start bumping it up for a half Ironman. I swim 4 days a week in the pool, about 2500 yards each time and on Sundays I swim in the ocean with a group of guys. I ride religiously 3 days a week about 100 miles total. And then I have this slave driving trainer whipping my fat ol butt into shape 2 days a week.

  • Cast Member on Fit Mom TV LIVE (Sign up to workout online and do our workouts anywhere in the world from any device)
  • Competitive Triathlete
  • Runs, Bikes, Swims, Lift Weights daily
  • One of the 1st female lifeguards in Southern California
  • Ex Cop - yes you read that right
  • Mom of 2 teen age athletic daughters
  • Teaches strength and fitness for High School Softball
  • Wife to a Fire Captain
  • A witty, funny, determined athlete who motivates others around her to be fit and healthy
  • Very giving person, trained and raised "Tahoe" a service dog for 11 years, who went on to help his new owners in need.  She now trains "Shmoo" who will be a therapy dog for hospitals

Erin is an avid runner and cyclist, she knows the importance of strong hip flexor muscles and is happy to demonstrate them for you.

Do one exercise immediately after the other.  15 repetition, 3 rounds.

Exercise #1: Lateral Walks with Band

With a resistance band around your thighs, keep your shoulders back and down, side step 10 steps and repeat other direction. Exhale as you step outward, keeping your core tight the entire time.


Exercise #2: Mountain Climber Sliders

Place sliders, paper plates or small towels under your feet. Get in a straight arm plank position with a slight bend in the elbows to protect the elbow joint. Head neutral, abs tight, shoulder back and down, back flat.  Alternate bringing each knee forward in a sliding motion. Do 15 reps each side.


Exercise #3: Psoas* Hold

Stand tall, shoulders back and down, abs tight. Balance on your right leg with a slight bend in the knee.  Exhale as you raise the left knee to hip level and hold for 50 seconds. Repeat other side.

*The psoas major joins the upper body and the lower body, the axial to the appendicular skeleton, the inside to the outside, and the back to the front. It forms part of a group of muscles called the hip flexors, whose action is primarily to lift the upper leg towards the body when the body is fixed or to pull the body towards the leg when the leg is fixed.


Exercise #4: Reverse Lunge

Stand tall, shoulders back and down, head neutral, core tight. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and hold a weight in front of your chest. Take a step backwards, keeping the front leg at a 90 degree angle so the knee is directly over the ankle. Exhale, bringing the feet together and repeat other leg. 15 reps each leg.


Exercise #5: Medicine Ball Throw and Run

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, shoulders back and down, head neutral, core tight. Hold a medicine ball in front of your chest. Squat down, keeping your back straight and your weight over your heels. Explode upward and exhale, tossing the ball forward, keeping your abs tight.  Run to the ball and repeat other directions. 15 reps.


Exercise #6: Ball Bridge

On your back, balance both feet on a medicine ball.  Keeping your abs tight, exhale as you push with your feet, lifting your hips off the ground, while maintaining balance on the ball. Hold for a beat and slowly lower, return to starting position. Repeat 15 reps.


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