Tips to Live the Flex Appeal Lifestyle

  • Consistency is key to a fit body.  Do a little – alot!

  • Exercise first thing in the morning before the day gets away from you!

  • Eat fresh foods that have life & energy!

  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where the food is fresh, avoid the center aisles where the processed pre-packaged foods are sold!

  • Sparkling water is my drink of choice!

  • Try to find a little humor in stressful situations!

  • Focus on the positive!

  • As long as you and your family know the truth that’s all that matters!

  • Making other people happy makes you happy!

  • Don’t dwell on negative!

  • Surround yourself with genuine, people who support you & care about you!

  • Stay away from energy vampires, people who take away your energy & leave you drained!

  • Be outdoors more!  

  • Don’t take yourself so seriously! Have fun! Be childlike!

  • Get some sunshine every day!

Sending you positive vibes, good health & happiness always! Kiana XOXOXO

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