Europe Must Haves

I just returned from 2 weeks in Paris, Florence, Rome with my 16 year old daughter. Best trip of my life! And we did it IN A CARRY ON. Yes you read that right. The first time I went to Europe I took 3 suitcases. We had to hire 2 taxis: one for us and the other for our luggage. This time I did it right.

Here are my Travel Must Haves. I research EVERYTHING and read reviews. Save time and take advantage of the fact I already researched it. Wish I had me to help me earlier. Lol.These items were TERRIFIC. Highly recommend. I would buy again. ENJOY!

CARRY ON LUGGAGE: Traveling to Europe has strict regulations on carry ons aka hand luggage and personal items. Not as lenient as traveling in the USA. For example, Air France requires you to put your hand luggage / carry on in a rigid metal basket. If it doesnt fit, you must pay to check it. Often $70 per. Frustrating if it's 1 inch too big. right? This one fits the required dimensions. It's not the exact suitcase I used, as I bought mine many moons ago.

Air France: Personal and carry on <26 lbs. Specifically, personal items must measure no greater than 16″ x 12″ x 6″whereas standard carry-ons cannot be larger than 21.7″ x 13.8″ x 9.9″

PERSONAL ITEM AKA BIG TOTE FOR PLANE: I did not want to take a designer personal item as you have to put it on the dirty floor. The one below was amazing and only $25. Had the all important strap to put over the suitcase handle so it doesn't fall off. Tons of pockets to keep organized. Very well thought out. Wipes clean. Strong zippers. Keep in mind most restrooms in Europe are filthy and often no where to hang anything.

NECK WALLET: Pick pocketing is a real concern. Wearing a light weight neck wallet is key. Put your passport, money and ID in it, wear close to your body or under your shirt in questionable areas. You will be wearing this a long time, so choose a light weight one with heavy duty zippers like the one below. I never took it off. You don't want to lose your passport in another country.

SHOES: DO NOT SKIMP HERE. You pay for what you get. We walked 25,000 steps per day. My feet were good all day in these light weight shoes by HOKA. Highly recommend. I have tried every shoe there is. Very comfortable and quick dry. Machine wash.

NECK PILLOW & SLEEP MASK: This neck pillow one was amazing. Contoured neck and memory foam Machine wash. Carry bag. Very comfortable. The sleep mask was very comfortable and most importantly, had room for my lash extensions. IKR?

PORTABLE FAN: Most used item on tours. I chose this because it was very light weight. I don't like heavy things hanging on my neck for extended periods of times. Especially during a heat wave in Rome 109 degrees one day. Yikes. This fan stayed charged all day.

COMPRESSION CUBES: A must, get the double zip, it's worth it.

BEAUTY ITEMS: Traveling in a carry on means limited space. these were terrific & light weight.

INTERNATIONAL PLUG ADAPTER: This is a must. If you need to charge multiple items, get 2 or 3. You can choose the plug by country. Quality item.

Please check back soon as I will be updating this list as I remembers things.....Ciao!

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