Aloha Flex Appealers! Here are 3 exercises I LOVE! I do these every week! Fun & effective exercises using only 1 WEIGHT! Use Light weights for a warm up, or heavy weight - slow reps to build muscle! Burn more calories and strengthen your entire body with compound exercises! Ideal if you have limited gear, or if the gym is crowded and you don't want to wait for machines! I do these all of the time! Advanced tip: try laddering your reps by adding an additional rep each time. For example, for the first set you do one dead lift x 10-15 reps, and one row. Second set do two deadlifts and two rows x 10-15 reps, etc. Remember, mixing things up, changing the number of reps, speed of your reps, Stance, hand grips, machines versus freeways, all force your muscles to adapt and help you skipped a better body I am now accepting new private clients to train and get coaching with me. Sign up here https://kiana.com/private_client/ details on my website www.kiana.com Flex & Lean Program is my best selling program clients all over the world are losing weight, increasing energy, getting strong and healthy. Clients lose an average of 8 to 15 pounds in 30 days on my 5/1program. Healthy grab and go food kit included, coaching directly with me, custom training program, accountability, tons of motivation, and access to my members only app all included! If you’re tired of being tired, want to feel and look younger, lose weight, and get healthy. Try it for 30 days you will definitely see results. Have a healthy happy day! XOXO Kiana.

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