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Chest & Back Workout Routine

Opposing Muscle Groups

Improve posture, reduce back fat, fight bra bulge and tighten flabby arms

This is a wonderful home workout to do anywhere, at home or in the gym.  On Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN, (the #1 rated fitness show of all time reaching 80 million homes worldwide) I often led Opposing Muscle group workouts. Basically when you are training 1 muscle, the other rests and vice versa. In this workout, we will train the chest and back.


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The only gear your need are weights and your own body weight.  You can use a fitness bench or the floor.  Do 1 exercise immediatly after the other, 3-4 rounds. Choose a weight that is challenging for you to complete 15 reps. If it's too easy, increase the weight.  If it's too hard, use light weights, soup cans, water bottles.  The main thing is to use proper form.  Remember, strength training is a must to fight the aging process, increase all important lean muscle and bone strength. Enjoy your workout!


  • 1 ARM ROWS

Kiana's LIVE Online Fitness Classes Access from any device worldwide


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