6 Awesome Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

When should you exercise?

In the morning!


kiana tom 6 reasons to train in the morning

1. Get fitter faster. Consistency is key to a fit body.

Working out first thing in the morning ensures that your get your all important workout in.  You prevent something from coming up during the day to stop you from training.  Always workout 1st thing, before the day gets away from you.  Try to be active within the 1st 15 minutes of waking up.  I also try to expose myself to a little sunlight right when I wake up, starts my day off bright and happy. I exercise every MWF mornings with my Fit Mom friends.  It's part of our lifestyle. You can join us online here!

I workout my Fit Moms every MWF mornings. You can join online us at eGym.kiana.com
I workout my Fit Moms every MWF mornings. You can join online us at eGym.kiana.com

2. You'll be a calorie burning machine.

Exercising in the morning lights a fat burning fire in your body.  You literally become a fat burning machine - all day long! You increase your metabolism all day, even while your sitting browsing Facebook on your iPhone. Your body burns calories more efficiently. You get leaner faster.  I faithfully exercise 5 days per week. I always train in the mornings to maximize the post workout calorie burning effect.  I also drink a protein shake before bed to feed my muscles and help my body burn extra fat while I sleep. My favorite and simple shake is to add a scoop of protein to a cold glass of almond or coconut milk.

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3. You'll make healthier food choices all day.

Training in the morning sets the healthy tone for the entire day.  If you've worked out, you're more likely to eat healthier the rest of the day too.  Check out some of my quick and easy healthy recipes here.

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4. You'll be more productive.  Productive morning, means a productive day.

A morning workout makes you feel accomplished and productive from the start of your day.  Yeah! You did your workout. Check.  You've already done something super healthy and super important for yourself before anything else.  This truly sets the positive productive tone for the rest of the day.  Exercise in the morning creates a peaceful, positive feeling.  It's easier to sit at your desk, knowing you've been active already.  By the way, if you sit at your desk all day or sit in the car in traffic, you might have tight hip flexors which can cause back pain. Try this stretch here.

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5.  You'll create Healthy Habits.

Working out in the mornings help you create a healthy habit.  The most important element of healthy living is consistency.  By training your body and mind to workout each morning, you make fitness part of your daily life, just like brushing your teeth.

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6. Dodge the flu and cold. Boost your immune system.

Regular exercise boosts your immune system. I literally have not been sick for over 10 years. But I know that I'll get sick as soon as I publish this post!?  You know how that works! (I'm literally tempted to delete this, but I will risk this to make this point for you:)  I teach my kids to exercise everyday and to wash their hands often. I have them drink lots of water and eat the colors of the rainbow, because a wide variety of foods means a wide variety of nutrients. Because my kids are young, the students at their school seem to have super bugs.  Each time I go to the school or if I lead a Fit Kids Camp at the school, I always wash my hands several times during the Camp. If I train at the gym or at a public place, I always-always make sure I don't touch my face, mouth, eyes anything until I've washed my hands 2-3 times. The school, grocery store, mall, gas station, gym is crawling with other people's germs, sweat, passing the flu or worse.  I guess I'm a little Howie Mandell germaphobe, but it's worked so far (I know I know, until I click to publish this post!)

Here are some tips to stay healthy during the upcoming flu season, click here.

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Have a healthy day!

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