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Get your pre-kid booty back. Or better.

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What can I expect?

You can expect to get fit fast and have fun doing it.  Kiana is a trusted fitness authority who has motivated millions around the world to lead a healthier lifestyle and make fitness a priority.  Our members have achieved amazing results!  Lose weight! Reduce fat! Increase all important lean muscle! Tighten and tone all over! Follow along with free weights and your own body weight. All levels can do this!

Simply sign up, workout MWF to LIVE classes or pick from 100s of rebroadcasts.

Take LIVE Classes or Train On-Demand

Kiana’s eGym offers LIVE online classes and pre-recorded streaming videos led by Kiana Tom.

Sandy Fingers Exercise 600

Get Kiana's #1 Rated Award Winning Workouts! As seen on TV!

Kiana's Workouts are a high intensity fusion of Kiana's favorite Flex Appeal exercises, Plyometric Training, Strength Training, Kick Booty Cardio & Killer Core Workouts to build sleek, strong & sexy muscles.  Every workout is a full body blast, focusing on reducing body fat, increasing muscle strength and developing all important core strength. Follow along 100% online using free weights and your own body weight.

Anyone can do this!

New to fitness? Taken a break from working out? No worries!  Kiana explains exercise options for beginners to experts at the beginning of each workout.

Worldwide Access from Any Device

Attend LIVE online workout classes or access our continually expanding video library.  That doesn’t mean you are tied to a strict routine, the full library of 100’s of classes & tutorials ranging from 10-60 minutes, are available on-demand 24/7 & accessible from any device.  Get started today!

The next wave in fitness starts NOW.

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Rachel lost 8 lbs in only 8 workouts


Vikki lost 25 lbs and 6+ inches off her waist training only 2x per week

Vena completely transformed her body

Meet Fit Mom Vena! Wow!

Moms will never look the same again.

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