Crazy 8 Battling Ropes Circuit

Crazy 8’s💪🏼 Blast Fat & Shred Ur Shoulders!


I love training with ropes,  it’s a super challenging way to get your heart rate up, burn lots of calories and strengthen the shoulders and core. Plus, it’s easier on the knees and feet then running. It’s harder than you would think, if you have never trained with ropes before start slowly pick 1-2 exercises and do 15 seconds at a time.

8 Reps of each moves, 3 rounds.


💪🏼Wave Squats

💪🏼Rip Curls

💪🏼1 arm waves

💪🏼Stage Coach

💪🏼Stage Coach Sliders

💪🏼Stage Coach

💪🏼Waves Visit my website to get a set of battling ropes. They are available in different lengths and rope sizes.  Are use the one and ahalf inch diameter, 30 and 50 foot length. The longer length is more advanced.  Shorter length is easier. Stay fit and keep on flexing!💪🏼🌴

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