Gold Medal Fuel: 4 Ways to Add Power to Your Food

1. Add Nuts and Oats to your everyday foods

Power Pancakes:

Add a handful of trail mix, nuts, steel cut oats, dried fruit into your whole wheat pancake batter before you cook them. Top with protein packed Greek Yogurt, apple sauce, agave nectar, almond butter, fresh fruit or organic honey. "I make a couple dozen each week and store them in the freezer. It's easy to reheat in the toaster and eat as you walk out the door. Great for busy parents, kids late for school!?"

Power Pancakes

2. Replace the Creams with High Protein Greek Yogurt

Replace sour cream, cream cheese, whipped cream even mayo...with Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt has more protein, low in sugar and carbs. It easily replaces all types of creams in cooking, sandwiches, sauces, dips, salad dressing. Anywhere you use sourcream you can use greek yogurt for added protein and less fat.

pancakes kiana tom

3. Add Power with Protein Powder:

Add a scoop of protein powder to your soups, smoothies, shakes. The "Natural" (non - flavored) protein powder is ideal to add to all types of foods to boost the protein in your foods.  Most people don't eat enough protein. I eat 5-6 "Mini Meals" per day,  each Mini Meal includes PROTEIN.

Deadlifts Start Finish Kiana Tom
Stay strong with protein! Feed your muscles after you lift weights

4. Add a handful of Kale: the Super Food

Every week I try and incorporate Kale somewhere. It is a real super food. I will make Baked Kale chips, my Kale Soup Recipe or add it to the juicer.

Baked Kale Chips! Super Food! Super Easy! Super Delicious! Kiana Tom Fit Mom TV

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