3 Great Booty Exercises to Do at Home or in the Gym

Look great coming and going with a tighter, lifted, firmer booty.

The best ways to get a firmer, tighter, more lifted booty is to do a variety of exercises that hit the glutes from different angles.  A key element is to finish with all important FOCUS FLOOR WORK to strengthen & SCULPT the muscles in the upper, lower and side areas of your booty to give a more lifted appearance.  Here are 3 terrific exercises that hit the overall, upper, lower and side areas of the glutes. To watch the entire Fit Mom TV Class, click here.


As seen on Fit Mom TV LIVE!  Watch the entire Booty Call Fit Mom TV Workout with these exercises and more at Kiana's eGym

1. Sunrise Squat Kicks

A terrific way to get a firmer butt and sexy lift to your glutes. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold a beat, exhale as you push through your heels and stand back up, kick your leg back, flexing the glutes as hard as you can. Repeat other leg. Tip: I call these Sunrise Squat Kicks because I always recommend training 1st thing in the mornings before the day gets away from you.

Kiana Tom Squat Kicks eGym.kiana.com

2. Beach Babe Booty Lifts

Hit the floor and use gravity to your advantage! Hold a weight in your right hand, resting gently on your right hip. Press your left foot firmly into the floor, raise your right leg straight over your hip, abs / core super tight and flexed. Exhale as you push through your left heel and raise your right leg up toward the blue sky. Hold a beat. Return to starting position. Repeat 15 times each leg. 3 sets.

Kiana Tom Booty Lifts eGym.Kiana.com

3. Kiana Clam Diggers

Like regular clam digger exercises but more challenging. Starting position: Lie on your right side, wrap a resistance band around your upper legs, feet together.  Hold a weight in your left hand, forearm parallel to the floor, elbow into your waist. Tighten your core. The move: Exhale as you simultaneously open your knees / legs (keeping your feet together) and rotate your left arm open (keeping your elbow into your waist.) Return to starting position. Repeat 15 times each leg, 3 sets.

Kiana Tom eGym.Kiana.com

Moms will never look the same again.

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