Touchdown! Orange Soda Ribs Recipe

Background: Super Bowl is the big feast at our house. As many of you know, many years ago I was an NFL cheerleader. TMI: To watch the football games, my husband wants me to wear my cheer leading, yeah honey, I'll get right on that 🙂

Cheat Day Recipe

There are some days that just have to be “cheat days.”  If you’re an avid viewer of “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” ESPN, you know that I use the “cheat day” method: I eat very clean 6 days per week and 1 day per week I enjoy the not-so-clean foods – in moderation.  Cheat days are the days you enjoy food.

Fire Fighter Recipe. Can't over cook it. Great for parties. Fool proof.

On Super Bowl, this is the day that you get to eat in moderation, what you want. Since my husband is a Fire Chief in the Fire Dept. it usually means a zillion guys are over eating and male bonding. This recipe should actually a called a Not So Fit Dad recipe.  There are many benefits of having a Fire Fighter hubby, one being the (ahem) “uniform," and the other is that 99.9% of them are great cooks.  All the Firemen have to take turns cooking. You can imaging how they blast each other if the food isn't good, so they learn fast.

Kiana Tom Husband Fire Chief

Since they never know when the fire alarm will go off, they have a huge resource of recipes that can withstand prolonged heating, extra time in the oven and still turn out amazing. If you think about it, those same qualities are great for any Recipe.

Enjoy this one! I don’t usually care for ribs, but these are amazing.


  • 1 liter orange soda – yikes! yes, you heard right. I thought the same thing.  No, it’s not a typo.
  • sliced oranges with peels
  • gigantic rack of ribs – (My husband cannot help himself, he always says, “nice rack” when we're buying ribs at the store. Okay, it was funny the first 100 time he said it...)


Fill large pot with the orange soda, orange slices and ribs. add enough water to cover. boil 1.5 hours. drain. remove oranges. cover with your favorite low sugar barbecue sauce. bake 350 degrees 1 hour. uncovered.


Meat falls off the bone, so tender, tasty, lick your fingers good. Yum.

dennis-kiana-husband-bbq-not-so-healthy-orange-soda-ribs-recipe )



Hmmm.. Wonder what the guys (Marcus Allen, Bob, Pete) are up to these days?

Funny Facts:

  • The 2 years I cheered: Marcus Allen, Howie Long were playing. Marcus and OJ (eek) used to visit me in their new sports car of the week. One week , Marcus showed up in an amazing Ferrari, all blacked out that looked like an airplane cockpit inside. So amazing.
  • There are 48 cheerleaders on the squad. That year, they picked 10 of us to go with the team to cheer for the American Football League in Japan at Yokohama Stadium and at Wimbley Stadium in England. We had such a fun time! The Team, Girls and I ate dinner at the US Ambassadors home for dinner and performed, shopped and did site seeing.
  • Attended Howie Long's induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. So exciting for him!



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  1. aloha KT! Yeah i did a dbl take wen i read orange soda ribs. GOTTA try it MAHALO!! : ) i dont blame ur ole man afta c ing them pix! (heavy breathing) i have/had friends in da dept. them boys ken drink 2! @ da time Bob Ludwig b came the youngest Lt in dept history. Mahalo 4 sharing aloha hb

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