1 Reason Why My Milkshake is Better than Yours

My milkshake is better than yours

....la la-la la la

I've been called the "Queen of Fitness" by Entertainment Tonight & Access Hollywood. But My friends and family call me the Protein Shake Queen!

LOVE Dessert with benefits!

I have to have my protein shakes ice cold. But I don't like making protein shakes using ice. Usually the ice doesn't get completely broken up and you get little pieces of ice in your drink, and it's not creamy at all.  Instead, you must try using a FROZEN BANANA instead of ice. The frozen banana not only adds potassium which is excellent for preventing post workout muscle cramping, but it makes your protein shake taste exactly like a rich & creamy ice cream milkshake!

Fit Tip: I will buy a dozen bananas at the grocery store. When I get home I will immediately peel 1/2 dozen & break them in half and put them into a container into the freezer. Then I have frozen bananas whenever I want to make a protein shake.

Also try putting only bananas into a high-speed blender. This taste exactly like banana ice cream. My kids love to add a little 70% dark cocoa dark chocolate to make a chocolate banana ice cream dessert.


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