Kiana’s Beach Bowl Recipe | Customise With Your Favorite Protein and Veggies

Delicious. Simple. Healthy.

Aloha Flex Appealers! 💪🏼👙🌴Here is a delicious, simple, quick & healthy Meal in a Bowl, that you can customize exactly how you like it.

BEACH BOWLS are so versatile! They can be so many meals:

1. Muscle Meal: This is a traditional meal size portion. I eat 1 Muscle Meal per day.

2. mini-meal: This is a smaller portion appx. 250-300 calories. I eat 5 mini-meals per day.

3. Lean & Green: Customize to have 6-7 oz lean protein (weigh protein after it's cooked) and 3 servings of green veggies. Contact me for information on our recommended Structured Nutrition Program that regulates blood sugar, resulting in weight loss and energy gain!

💪🏼Add your favorite protein: plant-based patty, chicken, tofu, meat, extra-lean ground turkey or fish.

🥦 Choose your favorite veggies: I love tender baby spinach, broccoli, red & green cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, thinly sliced carrots! Buy the pre washer, pre-chopped vegetables for fast prep. -

🌴I love roasted chickpeas aka garbanzo beans: rinse & drain, Toss with EV olive oil.  Add spices. Bake 350° 10-15 min. Til brown. -

👙Top on brown rice, jasmine or basmati rice.  I try to make a large batch of brown rice 🍚 every week since it takes 45 minutes.  If I’m short on time, I use the microwaveable single serving brown rice, it’s faster and delish. -

🌺Sauce: Mix a couple of spoonfuls of Greek Yogurt and Sriracha sauce as a sauce or use your favorite salad dressing or lemon juice.  I love the taste of the vegetables and don’t use a lot if dressing. -

✅Tip:  dip your fork 🍴 in the sauce instead of pouring salad 🥗 dressing all over the food.

I also love using Braggs Aminos on top of Beach Bowls and rice. Tastes like oyster sauce and is a delicious healthy alternative to soy sauce.

Keep on Flexing! 💪🏼🌴👙

Beach Bowl Recipe Video

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