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Fun active family things to do! Cirque du Soliel! Trampoline Park! County fair! Feed a giraffe! Olympic park! Pottery Wheel!

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Crazy 8 Battling Ropes Circuit

I love training with ropes, it’s a super challenging way to get your heart rate up, burn lots of calories and strengthen the shoulders and core. Plus, it’s easier on the knees and feet then running.

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County Fair

Fun Ohana day at the County Fair! Trying healthy and not-so-healthy fair food! Roller Coasters! Winning stuffed animals! Watching acrobats, listening to music! Buying local arts and crafts!

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Sky High Trampoline Park

ACTIVE FAMILY FUN! BIRTHDAY PARTIES OR ANYTIME! Jumping! Running! Smiling! Trampoline Park! Rock Climbing! Bull Riding! Location: Big Air Trampoline Park Where: Laguna Hills, CA

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Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding Park City, UT So much fun! Strong, beautiful sled dogs! Exciting ride through the snow! Family fun! Cost: Appx. $350 for 3 riders,

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Safari West

Want to go on a Safari without leaving the comfort and safety of the US? Me too. I’ve always wanted to go to Africa for

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London, England

While cheering for the NFL as a Raiders Cheerleader, I was one of 10 cheerleaders (of the 48 cheerleaders on the squad) to travel with

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Tokyo, Japan

While cheering for the NFL as a Raiders Cheerleader, I was one of 10 cheerleaders (of the 48 cheerleaders on the squad) to travel with

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South America

The trip of a life time! If you’ve never been to Rio de Janiero, you must go! Sites! City! Beaches! 7 Wonders of the World!

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As the Star, Creator & Producer of Kiana’s Flex Appeal, the “#1 rated fitness show in the history of ESPN”, reaching 80 million homes for over a decade, Kiana is a trusted health and fitness authority and role model to millions.  After starting a family, Kiana has been bitten by the travel bug & is always on the look out for active family destinations and fun family activities.  Kiana has worked with many brands as a celebrity spokesperson & social media influencer to experience their destination and share her experience with her fans thru television, print / editorial, interviews, on her websites, blogs and social media.  They leverage her authority and expertise in the health and fitness industry for social media promotions and awareness, cross-marketing campaigns and unique content creation to showcase their offerings.

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