Tokyo, Japan

While cheering for the NFL as a Raiders Cheerleader, I was one of 10 cheerleaders (of the 48 cheerleaders on the squad) to travel with the Team for the American Football Game at Yokohamo Stadium.

kiana tom raiderette raiders cheerleader

One of the things I vividly remember is regarding the Japanese culture vs. the American culture.  When we were dancing on the field, it was a little too suggestive for the conservative Japanese.  The crowd was shocked and the parents covered their children's eyes.  Hm. We were only shaking our hips!?

We performed in Ruppongi in front of famous Sony building.  Enjoyed shopping for cosmetics in the dept. stores, everything is so little and compact.  The city of Tokyo is so crowded, their cars are little, their sodas are little and even little beers in the little vending machines!

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We were surprised how expensive it was to eat dinner out.  Sushi was $10-$15 per piece! We tried eating several new things including octopus on a stick and giant clam - that was still pulsating on the plate! Eeek!

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Went to Disneyland on the Bullet Train! How cute it was to hear Mickey Mouse speaking Japanese!

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