Grand Wailea Resort, Maui

Grand Wailea Resort & Spa

Kihei, Hawaii on the island of Maui

Kiana's Flex Appeal filming location.  Kiana's Flex Appeal is the "#1 rated fitness show in the history of ESPN, after only 1 week of airing."

Aloha Flex Appealers and Fit Family Travelers! If you are planning a vacation to Hawaii, I cannot recommend the Grand Wailea ENOUGH! It is one of my favorite Resorts in the world! I love it so much, that when I filmed there and saw a romantic chapel on the property, overlooking the ocean and sunset, I said "If I every decide to get married, that's where I want to have the ceremony." And I did 🙂  We stay there every year and take our children with us and just love it!

Kiana Tom Family Sunset

The Grand Wailea is in Wailea, the dry side of the island which means less rain, more sunshine~  It's on my favorite Hawaiian Island, the island of Maui. The reason I love Maui so much is that is has both the traditional Hawaiian feel and luxurious comfort at the same time. I've stayed at the Grand Wailea for many months during my filming for ESPN. I recommend staying on the Concierge level because you get breakfast included and happy hour complete with appetizers, cocktails and warm chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies and milk for the kikis (kiddies and big kiddies.) (Check with the hotel if they still have this yummy perk.)

I have stayed in both standard rooms, suites and the Presidential Suite. They are all wonderful but the Presidential Suite of course the best.

When I filmed Kiana's Flex Appeal on the property, we designated the grass area for the Pro Gym segments I wrote for the shows. We would start filming at sunrise and end at sunset.  What fun to meet guests who would stop and watch and pick up a few fitness tips along the way.

Amazing Pools

They have 9 pools at the resort and even a water slide in the main pool. There is an adult pool with romantic cabanas to sip mai tais while you are spritzed with Evian water in the sun.  There is a super large family (ohana) pool complete with a water slide~!

During the television shows there are "Bumps to commercial" which are basically beauty shots to edit in the shows. They would also be used in the openings of the shows so that each intro to the shows were unique. Below is one of the Beauty Bumps filmed in the main pool by the restaurant.

Beautiful Beaches

I created a Home Gym Segment for the shows that showcased exercises that can be done at home using simple portable gear such as a weight bench and free weights.  We filmed this right on the sand at the main resort beach.


Romantic Areas to walk the resort

The hotel grounds are immaculate and beautiful. There are many romantic areas to discover such as this alcove where we filmed a segment with my Kiana Flex Gym.  One of my favorite things to do at the hotel is the walk on the long path along the ocean. Smelling the plumeria, whale watching while you walk. There are so many activities to do there: whale watching, kayaking, tennis, catamaran at sunset...


There are numerous restaurants on the property, I love them all. The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (this long word is the Hawaiian state fish!) is one of my favorites. I also love the sushi bar, fish doesn't get fresher than this! I also love PuPus (Hawaiian for appetizers) which you can order from your private cabana on the beach while watching the sunset (my favorite thing to do!)

Things to do in Maui:

There are many things to see and do in Maui close to the Hotel: Ride biccyles down Haleakala Volcano, Hawaiian Flea Market you can try local foods and buy souveniers, Luau, Ride Horses, Surf, Body Surf, shop, suntan!

This is how I ride horseback for television. Not so much in real life. lol.  This was literally right before the horse took off racing down the beach with me on his back, no saddle, no reins to hold on to except his mane. Good thing I do adductors for strong inner thighs! Eek!Kiana HorseBack Maui

Thanks to the Grand Wailea for hosting me during my stay. As always, thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.






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