London, England

While cheering for the NFL as a Raiders Cheerleader, I was one of 10 cheerleaders (of the 48 cheerleaders on the squad) to travel with the Team for the American Football Game at Wembley Stadium.

kiana tom raiderette raiders cheerleader

As you can imagine, we all brought 4 suitcases each! Not recommended! But as cheerleaders and single women, that's what we did!

VIP DINNER: The entire Raiders Football Team, Coaches and the 10 of us were so honored to have dinner at the US Ambassadors home in London. What a treat.

TRAIN: We took the train to Cambridge and had our first dark beer in a real Pub!  So many more people travel by train in London as compared to the US.  It is so fun and convenient.  I loved it!  You can enjoy the sites instead of driving. We tried the traditional english "Fish and Chips" and were surprised chips were actually french fries and it was all wrapped in newspaper.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Of course we had to try and make the Guards laugh.  No luck! We did manage a wink and a smile though!

We loved people watching at the famed Picadily Circus and counting the mohawks!

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