Sunshine, Science and Nature In San Diego, CA

Balboa Park | San Diego, CA

Enjoy the sunshine while you admire beautiful buildings, learn and the multiple museums and appreciate gorgeous gardens. Take a relaxing Day trip in Southern California to San Diego. Visit Balboa Park to see beautiful architecture, colorful flower gardens, museums and retro amusement parks for the kids! Balboa Park is overflowing with culture, science and nature.

Ever changing. Always amazing.  Where culture, science, and nature collide, Balboa Park is home to more than 16 museums, multiple performing arts venues, lovely gardens, trails, and many other creative and recreational attractions, including the San Diego Zoo. With a variety of cultural institutions among its 1,200 beautiful and lushly planted acres, there is something for everyone. (Excerpt from

My Travel Journal:

What a beautiful place to visit in sunny San Diego, CA.  The sunshine was warm, weather clear. I took the kids to San Diego, CA to visit Lego Land, the Wild Animal Park and Balboa Park.  We Loved Balboa Park. Such a relaxing place to visit with so very much beauty to see and experience.  The first thing you notice is that the architecture is absolutely stunning. I loved the detail and beautiful arches, just spectacular.  My father was an architect and designed many buildings for the city, including my childhood home. Reminded me of a light version of the ornate architecture in Europe.

Photography: If you love taking pictures like me, bring your camera! So many family photo ops! So much to see and do!

Look at the detail! Love it!

The kids & I loved the quaint amusement park with retro carnival rides.  There are museums, exhibits, trails, beautiful flowers and just so much creativity to enjoy! I loved the use of color on the benches, buildings and even the floor. I also loved that my daughters happened to bring a red colorful ball.

Look at these amazing tiles. I love how chippy and worn they are.  The colorful tiles reminded me of a maze or hopscotch game. Being the fitness minded person I am, I told my kids they could only hop on certain colors 🙂

Loved the colorful doors!

So many beautiful arches. This museum entry reminded me of the arches in our backyard.

Loved strolling through the gardens. Relaxing, great energy and tranquil.

Even the kids loved it!

Their favorite part was the arcade of course! I loved the retro games!

Old fashioned merry go round with a cutie smile in the mirror 🙂

Retro boat ride!

Bumper Cars!

So many fountains that bring energy and lots of smiles!

Fun little shops to find treasures. Love these mosaic mirrors!

My kids don't get cotton candy very often, they had such fun eating and wearing it!  

When you go:

Bring water & healthy snacks to stay hydrated while you walk around the expansive property.  Treats at shops are expensive for what you get.  Wear comfortable walking shoes.  Wear layers so you can take off when you get warm from walking, when we were there it was very hot.  Bring your camera! Bring a lightweignt tote bag or large purse for all your jackets, snacks, goodies! Have fun!

If you're in Southern California, we highly recommend a fun day trip to Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. Aloha!

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