Safari West

Want to go on a Safari without leaving the comfort and safety of the US? Me too. I've always wanted to go to Africa for an actual African Safari, but the world isn't as safe as I'd like right now. So we heading out to Safari West.

Safari West is a fun glamping trip for the whole family.  It's an exciting adventure in to a mini safari without having to leave the country.

Northern California

Only a short 9 hour drive up the coast from Southern California, where you can enjoy the coastline and beautiful scenery.


This is a wonderful way to "camp" if you don't like to camp because the tents are huge for camping standards.  The tents are imported from Africa, have mosquito nets on the windows, beds, lights, hot / cold showers, private bathroom.  Oh, and the resort restaurant is only 50 yards away.


Don't think it's like a hotel because it's not. You wake up & look out your window to see giraffe wandering with their baby giraffes.  Families of geese waddling by the patio as you sip your coffee.


The food at Safari West isn't the healthiest.  Stick to barbecued chicken, grilled turkey burgers and fresh fruit.  Heat & flys were the worst part of the meals for this fitness queen.  I prefer eating in the air conditioning, NO BUGS.  But to see the smiles on my kids faces as we camped, was so worth it!



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