County Fair

Fun Family Fair Day

Rides! Music! Shows! Selfies! Fair Food EEK!


  • Go in the late afternoon when it's cool
  • Bring your own UNopened water bottles (they don't let you bring in opened water in case it's filled with something else.)
  • Bring healthy snacks like pre packaged nuts, trail mix, fruit, or ahem, Kiana Bars
  • Check out the Fair website for discounts, they have days for Military / Police / Fire Fighters to get in free, bring canned goods, books or other donations to get in free etc.
  • Check the concert line up - last year we saw 5 seconds of summer and it was amazing to sit and listen to music as the sun was setting. Plus you get in the fair for free. This year, we didn't see any bands we wanted to see
  • Park in the lot or farther away and take a taxi or Uber
  • Checkout the fun shops, wine tasting, shows and live music!


The swings are a favorite! You can see everything! I always can't help but think "who put this portable ride together? Hope they screwed everything super tight~!" #mom  We've been going to the Fair since the kids were little. I did notice the length of the rides were much shorter this year! 🙁

Anela doesn't like roller coasters or height, but her friend, Bella, made her go on the swings! She loved it!

Dennis and I had more fun watching them go on rides and taking selfies while we waited! I think it's so funny doing snapchat  - lol (User: KianaTomFlex)

Favorite Rides: Swings, disco, roller coasters, swinging boat, spinning cars...


Finding healthy - ier food at the fair is next to impossible BUT we found a yummy protein Pineapple Chicken dish that was delicious!

Of course the kids and Dennis HAD to try Not-So-Healthy Fair Food: Funnel Cakes & Deep Fried Oreos! EEK!

Healthier Fair Food Choices: Corn, Huge Turkey Leg (massive protein!), Pineapple Chicken, Hawaiian Bowl, Shish-kabob, pulled pork sandwiches, fruit kabob...

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