Travel Fitness: Hotel Room or Outdoors

Travel Fitness: Hotel Room or Outdoors

Total Body Workout with Weights

Simple workout to do in the hotel, fitness center or on the beach

When you travel it's important to be active. The good food, sitting on planes can catch up to you if you're not mindful.  When I travel I always take hand weights, a jump rope & fitness clothing / shoes with me.  As the Creator of Kiana's Flex Appeal the #1 rated fitness show on ESPN, I have led thousands of televised workouts that have taught millions to get in shape and stay in shape.

Kiana's Flex Appeal

Total Body Workout

Here is a simple workout you can do anywhere, in the hotel room, at the hotel gym, or even on the beach as I am demonstrating. Remember, the benefits of exercise are cumulative. You don't need to do a monster 2 hour workout. Just do a little alot. Think 20 minutes a few times per day. Break fitness down into doable, stackable sessions. For 100s of 15-60 minute streaming workout videos, check out my convenient Kiana's Flex EGYM here

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I wrote an article "Workout on the Road" for Men's Fitness Magazine, showing readers how to stay fit while traveling.


Safe travels!  Committed to motivating you and the world toward a lifestyle of health and fitness. XO Kiana

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