Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

Park City, UT

So much fun! Strong, beautiful sled dogs! Exciting ride through the snow! Family fun!

Cost: Appx. $350 for 3 riders, 60 minutes

If you've never been dog sledding before, you must do it!  It was so much fun! As you can see from the smiles on my daughters faces, it was a blast! My kids are still talking abou it! You tour the beautiful snow covered property with an experienced musher, pulled by energetic furry huskies.  If you're lucky like we were, you will even get to drive / mush! I've done it once before in Aspen, CO, this was just as good and less expensive. I recommend making reservations because they only have a handful of dog sleds available.

The drive from our hotel to the Dog Sledding company took about 45 minutes. We scheduled the Dog Sledding for first thing in the morning so that we would ride when the dogs were fresh. This also gave us the chance to have lunch after and ski / snowboard 1/2 day which started around 1pm. The lodge was really beautiful, had hot chocolate and coffee, chess and games for the kids by the fire. While we waited for check in, we took some photos around the property.

The sled only fit 3, so my husband decided not to ride and took photos.  Once you get checked in, you meet and pet all of the beautiful sled dogs. We are a dog loving family (we love all animals actually, my oldest daughter Anela rides her horse, Lucky, at our California home we have 2 rescue dogs, yard full of wild bunnies, offer free daily bird feed to all the neighborhood birds and even see wild coyotes, snakes and more.)  We loved petting all of the dogs, they were so eager to get started and wanted to pull the sleds asap!

We call my daughter, Anelalani, the Animal Whisperer. Literally, all types of animals will come to her, be calmer and just love her. We have had situations where horses will just walk over to her, zoo animals come to her. It's a gift 🙂 I mean, look at her putting a hyper sled dog to sleep!? lol.

My favorite husky was the white female, she was gorgeous. Wish I could have taken her home with me. Gorgeous white fur and blue eyes 🙂

After 15 minutes of loving these spectacular animals, you could tell the dogs were anxious to run!

Once it was time, we got in the dog sled. Our musher was amazing, he was very knowledgeable and super fun! The word to get the dogs running is "HIKE!" So off we go!


We rode up and down the hills, sharp fun turns, speeding on the flats. As a mom, the best part was the non stop laughing and smiling!  We stopped at a half way point to enjoy the view, take photos and let the dogs rest.

After a short break, we each got to try being the "musher" yelling "HIKE" and steering the sled. You steer by basically leaning, but the dogs know where they're going! I steered first. Our Guide was excellent and a good instructor & tour guide. (FYI: it's good to tip your guide, so make sure to have some cash with you.)

My daughters, Anelalani and Kiana Jr. got to be Mushers, too!

Hope that you will get the chance to go dog sledding! It's sooooo much fun! Aloha!





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