20 Photos to Inspire You to Go HouseBoating

My first trip to Lake Powell, AZ was amazing.  I loved the wide open space, not buildings, no tech. I felt so small on this big lake. The scenery was unlike anything I'd ever seen, since I've grown up on the beach. No palm trees here but instead, beautiful red toned rocks that reflect the sunshine against blue skies and deep blue and turquiose water.  I loved waking up every morning to sip coffee on the patio and look at the view which was ever changing, different every time you looked.  After breakfast, a morning Stand Up Paddleboard with the kids in the morning sun. So relaxing not having television, cell reception sparce, which means more interaction and enjoying eachother's company, being active from morning til night.

So, if you are ready to experience an adventure one of the most beautiful Lakes, it’s time to book your houseboat.

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