Fit Family Workout Day with My Daughter

It’s Fit Family Friday, kids are out of school for President’s Weekend. Kiana Jr. and I are in the Garage Gym creating a fun workout to do together. 

It can be anything as long as we’re moving! Here is what we did:

To keep her interested and instead of doing traditional exercises which she doesn’t think are as “fun,” as I do, I have us take turns picking “moves” to do in the gym together.

Set Up

  • Set the interval timer for 16 minutes, 1 minute action / 15 seconds rest

  • Each pick 2 “fun” movements or exercises

  • Each gets the gear ready we need for our exercises or activity

  • Take turns leading  each activity

  1. Mine: 1 minute around the driveway alternating between: jump rope running, lateral slides R/L

  2. Kiana Jr.: take turns Swinging on the Kiana Flex Straps alternating standing and bent knee (was fun but actually challenging on the arms)

  3. Mine: Island hopping: Put out obstacles: Blue Bosu, wobble boards, steps etc. you have to step or hop onto each one and cannot fall down or else you fall in hot lava. 

  4. Kiana Jr.: Crazy dancing while holding Fitness Bands for resistance! Play  loud music! The sillier the better, but you have to move your entire body!

Do the exercises together or take turns. No strict rules, just keep it fun and moving! Strive for 4 rounds for 16 minutes of fit fun!

Be creative! Be prepared for lots of laughing! PS Laughing is great for your abs too! Keep on Flexing!

have a fun fit day!

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