EZ Simple Tips for Men and Women to Improve Your Appearance Fast

WHITEN YOUR TEETH: This is such a simple and quick fix. 3 Options: 1. You can go to the dentist and have a tray made and purchase a whitening solution from the dentist: Cost: appx $400 for the tray and $100 per syringe of whitener 2. you can try White Strips such as these on Amazon. I have done both. The strips are simple to use and give you fast results. The tray is more thorough but costs more. 3. Use whitening toothpaste. So simple, you have to brush your teeth anyway, it might as well whiten your teeth.

MOISTURIZE: Dry skin is unattractive. Everyone's skin looks better if it's moisturized. I recommend a good eye cream, facial and hand moisturizer.

TAN: "If you can't tone it, tan it." Lol. Bodybuilders always tan. Swimsuit models tan. Fitness models tan. Everyone's body looks tighter, harder and better with a tan. Even fat looks better with a tan.

I have tried 99% of the tanning products on the market. I even have a professional spray tanning booth in my gym. But the one I am loving right now is this one. I like it because it's so easy. Make sure, before you use ANY self-tanner, exfoliate first using a loofah or body brush to remove dry skin so that you tan evenly without streaks. It's so easy, just mix it with your moisturizer. It can be used on both your face and body. Adjust the number of drops according to how tan you want to get. Another self-tanner that is excellent is this one, it's a mousse so you can see where you've applied it. Choose from 2 Hour Express Dark or Medium. Wash your hands right after any self tanning or get a mitt. Before doing any self tanning, always exfoliate your body and face beforehand. BODY: Use a dry brush before you shower and always brush toward the heart. Also beneficial for lymphatic drainage.

EXFOLIATE YOUR FACE: 2 good options for facial exfoliation. $5 - $40. I use the first when I travel and keep one in the shower. I use the $40 one every morning at the sink.

FRESH NEW SHIRT OR OUTFIT: Put on a brand new, clean shirt or cute outfit: Yes. A fresh, new shirt or outfit makes you look so much better instead of the old collage sweats (TMI?) For Men, a new clean black shirt and jeans looks so good!

These cute dresses are flattering for everyday and travel well. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Here I am in Maui, wearing the off the shoulder style as a strapless dress in pink.

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