Here is an easy 5 min. healthy breakfast I’ve been making for years. It’s healthy and yummy on chilly mornings and as an energizing pre-workout breakfast before I lift weights. Do you eat breakfast before you lift weights? On weight training days, I eat breakfast for the extra energy. If I’m doing cardio I eat afterward. I find I need the extra energy for strength training but don’t like a lot of food when I am biking or running on the beach.

Power Protein Oatmeal

In a microwavable safe bowl, add oatmeal, plant-based or regular milk so that it’s completely covering the oats.

Add an egg whites and a half scoop of protein powder. Stir. (And dance!)

Microwave for 1 1/2 min. At 30 second intervals stirring in between until soft. (Do not microwave for the full 1 1/2 minutes all at once because it will boil over in the microwave.)


Add your favorite toppings. I love protein rich Greek yogurt for more added protein, fresh juicy berries 🍓and walnuts which supply healthy fats.

Oatmeal has 75% more carbohydrates than protein so here’s an easy way to add more protein to it.

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