Why am I losing weight but not inches off my waist?

“The first place you want to see change will be the last. Just stay focused and trust the process.” Kiana

There are many possible reasons why you are losing weight but not inches off your waist. When you being to lose weight, it doesn’t happen in one area.  

Fat all over the body slowly melts away – all over the body.  Even though you’re losing weight, you may not see or feel as big of a change as you’d like. Focus on the scale going down, in the right direction. The inches WILL DROP. Remember, weight gain didn’t happen overnight. Slow, safe and steady wins the race.

The way fat is distributed and stored in the body is an individual thing. It is influenced by gender, age, genetics, nutrition, muscle mass and more. 

Men tend to carry more fat around the midsection, women carry more around the hips and thighs. 

Subcutaneous fat is the fat layer just beneath the skin. Visceral fat is more harmful than subcutaneous as it is stored deep in the abdominal area, surrounding your organs and can negatively affect organ function, raise risk for heart disease and increase inflammation in the body. The positive news is that visceral fat will decrease as you lose weight. If and when this happens you may not see the inches drop as fast as you’d like to see in the midsection. 

Progress Photos are VERY IMPORTANT for your weight loss success and fitness journey. The changes happen gradually and it’s not until you see a “before” photo side by side with the “progress” photo do we see the most dramatic change which will serve to motivate, inspire and help you stay on track. Seeing results is the most inspiring way to stay focused!

Coach Kiana

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