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Aloha Flex Appealers & Fit Chicks! Mahalo for requesting simple recipe videos! I just got home from the gym & from picking up the kids. Today I'm showing how to make my FIT CHICKen Pot Pie! This recipe falls into my Fit Fast Food category because it's fast to make, requires only 6 ingredients & fast, easy cleanup!

I hope you enjoy it! Aloha! XO Kiana Tom / Star of Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN

This recipe only requires 15 min. of prep, giving you time to do other things like enjoying the sunset while it's baking. Plus, it saves well in the 'frig for easy reheating on busy days or next day's lunch. It’s terrific for families where everyone comes home at different times from work, school or sports. Keep in mind, if you have time, you can also make this all from scratch: homemade pie crust, bake or grill your own chicken breast, chop & steam your own veggies, & add all of your own spices. I've made it both ways many times, the fast way is ideal when you're on a tight schedule.

Products I used can be found at any local grocery store. I usually buy my ingredients at Sprouts or Trader Joes. Having simple recipes on hand makes it easy to stock up whenever you're at the grocery store so you always have ingredients and don't have to go to the grocery store every day. #timesaver

Fit Chick-en Pot Pie

1. Organic Pie Crust $5.00

2. Pre-Cooked Chicken Breast $6.00

3. Organic Cream of Chicken Soup $3.00

4. Frozen Mixed Vegetables $1.50

5. 1 Egg .50

6. Splash of Milk

3 min. Kale Salad

1. Kale, Fruit, Nut Salad Kit Cost: $3.50

Total Cost: apps $20 4-6 servings app $3 per serving

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This video was not sponsored and I purchased all of the products shown. 🙂

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