5 Tips for Flat Abs

Taken 1 month after giving birth via C-Section. eek
  • 1. Strive to keep your shoulders off the floor for each rep. This keeps the abdominal muscles contracted & activated giving you better results.
    2. When performing abdominal exercises on your back, Bring your shoulders and pelvis upward, Flexing your midsection hard making your torso a “U” shape.
    3. Exhale as your contract your abs, breathing all the air out
    4. Visualize and really focus on Flexing your abs for every exercise you do, not just when doing abdominal exercises. Not only will you get faster results but will help stabilize the center of your body for other exercises.
    5. Hit your abs from all angles: upper, lower, obliques. I do my abs last as a burnout finisher after lifting. I also do mainly compound moves that work the core and other muscle groups at the same time to burn more calories and work more muscles at once.
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15 reps each exercise

🌴Ball Crunches
🌴Bent Knee Lifts or Straight Leg
🌴Side Crunches Right side
🌴Left side
🌴Starfish Isometric holds

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