Travel Foods

Healthy foods that travel well

Why have healthy snacks with you?

  • Keep blood sugar levels even
  • Prevent mood swings
  • Helps you make healthy choices
  • Avoid grabbing unhealthy fast foods loaded with preservatives, sugar and chemicals

Simple Travel Foods

  • Pre packaged nuts: Local health food and big box stores carry them in portioned bags. I like the raw almonds dried fruit nut mix at Trader Joes
  • Kiana Bars: I created my Bars out of necessity. Every time I shopped for a healthy protein bar, I couldn't find one that was all natural and tasted delicious. Kiana Bars are convenient and a simple way to snack healthfully during the day. I always have them in my purse, carry on, a box in my suitcase to put in my hotel room, gym bag, glove compartment, kids back packs, husbands office, etc.
  • Fruit: oranges, cuties, tangerines, dried fruit, no sugar fruit leather.  Fruit is natures wrapped snack.
  • Protein powder and shaker bottle
  • Packets of natural nut butters and multi grain crackers or dry Wasa crackers. While filming Kiana's Flex Appeal I always travelled with natural peanut butter and WASA for a quick high protein healthy fat breakfast in my hotel room
  • Water: many times when we think we're hungry, we're really just thirsty. Traveling especially flying, is very dehydrating. Always keeps bottles of water with you to sip during the day. In addition to keeping your body hydrated it also keeps your skin and hair moist. For non airline travel, try our new Fruit Infusion Drinking Bottles to easily make your own naturally flavored waters loaded with vitamins and nutrients.


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