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How has your training changed since your 30s? busy working parents, there are simple shortcuts to take to get the best results from lifting weights and exercise.


5 Ways to Be More Fit After 40, 50+


Kiana Tom

Variety. Variety is a key component to Staying motivated and fit. When lifting weights for example, Changing your stance, hand positions or grip works the muscles from different angles and helps build a more balanced physique. Stream classes online, download workouts or sign up for personal training. Find a new exercise in the library.

Move more=more fun! For general fitness and increasing daily activity, Having a wide variety ofHaving a wide variety of activities you enjoy means you will do it more often and be more active. If there’s something you wanted to try pick one up to add to your arsenal. For example, I literally used to ride a unicycle When I was a kid so I bought one to work on balance and agility, and have fun! And also to challenge my hubby and kids to see if they can do it of course! I’m also picking up a pair ofI’m also picking up a pair of rollerskates toI’m also picking up a pair of rollerskates to cruise down by the beach.  It’s fun having a variety of options to stay active in addition to weight training. Try my best selling walking workout where I lead you thru an energizing upper body workout while you walk!

Short and sweet. Do shorter Workouts 30 to 45 minutes of hard lifting 5 to 6 days per week.  Make sure to incorporate the basic moves such as squats, presses, planks, deadlifts.  Remember the bigger the move the more calories you burn.

Stay safe to stay active. Work around injuries and modify exercises to prevent injury so that you stay active for the long run. AndAs we age weAs we age we tend to have moreFor example instead of doing standing overhead shoulder presses, perform them sitting down to protect the lower back and reduce strain on the back, while still blasting your delts.

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Have a healthy flexappeal day! Go get it!

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