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Choose your Flex Plan, download & start training! Easy to follow online or on my members-only app. Train at your own pace. Plans include exact sets & reps, exercise videos & demonstrations, so you know what to do. Log the amount of weight you use to track your progress. When you’re finished each workout, I am notified. How is that for accountability? Get my support when you need it via the app or email.

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√ 12-WEEK CUSTOM TRAINING PROGRAM! PERSONALIZED to YOUR exercise history, YOUR fitness goals, YOUR schedule & YOUR equipment.



 All LEVELS, ALL AGES!  Beginner to Advanced Training: Basics, super sets, drop sets, opposing muscles, high / low reps…  Exact sets, reps, duration, video demos so you know what to do.

 21 DAY MEAL PREP PROGRAM to master HEALTHY EATING! Easy to follow, includes itemized grocery list & ALL recipes!  Created for YOU by my Partner Nutritionists!

√ SUPPORT: Direct PRIORITY support when you need it! EMAIL, MESSAGE OR CHAT ON APP.

√ ACCOUNTABILITY! Log your workouts on the APP & I am NOTIFIED! 

Not just workouts. learn healthy habits For a positive lifestyle change.


√ Complete 30-day TRAINING PROGRAM! Workouts to do at HOME using Dumbbells & bands! Exact sets, reps, exercise videos so you know what to do!  Easy to follow online!

√ 21 DAY MEAL PREP PROGRAM to master HEALTHY EATING!  Created for YOU by my Partner Nutritionists!

√ SUPPORT: PRIORITY support when you need it!

√ Log your workouts on the APP & I am NOTIFIED! How is THAT for ACCOUNTABILITY? 

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Joy, Police Dept.

Kiana's individualized meal plans and workout schedule has given me the best start for my weightloss goals! I am down 10 lbs. in 14 days & feel great!

Vince, Fire Dept.

I've lost 41 lbs. and 5" off my waist so far in less than 2 months.I weighed myself and was so surprised at the number on the scale, that I moved the scale all around my house because I thought the floor was uneven!?

Dennis, Fire Chief

I have lost 25 lbs. & 7" off my waist in 1 1/2 months, light walking. This Program fits my busy lifestyle as a firefighter. I used to regularly skip meals. Not anymore! I haven't seen my abs since my college days!

Carol, Ranch Owner

I've lost 17 lbs. and 6" off my waist in only 3 months! I'm over 70 years old. I've tried every diet there is. This is the only one that is sustainable as a lifestyle. I even got my best friend to do it with me, she's already lost 16 lbs.

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Collegiate Athletic Director, Sonia, wanted to get lean & lose a little belly fat. She dropped 2% body fat on the Flex & Lean Program.  Just look at her abs! Her husband says, “She looks like a fitness model!” He has started the program too and he has lost over 20 lbs. so far! So happy for them!

Fire Captain, Jon, wanted to get down to his college weight under 200. He lost over 25 lbs. so far and inches off his waist. His policewoman wife is doing the program with him too and has lost over 13 lbs. Power couple!

So happy for my Fire Chief husband, Dennis.  After being promoted in the Fire Dept. aka desk job, he gained weight. He lost 25 lbs. and 7″ off his waist in only 1 1/2 months. He now has healthier eating habits and doesn’t skip meals anymore. Go Dennis!

Jim lost over 42 lbs. on the simple program, and kept it off! He had such tremendous success, that his 2 sisters are  on the program too. One has lost 29 lbs. so far, and his other sister starts soon.  So excited to help them achieve their weight loss goals too!

LOOK at her abs! Psychologist and mom, Amy, has been training with me on the Flex & Lean Program, enjoying new workouts monthly.  So proud of her consistency and enthusiasm for health and fitness. She has lost over 15 lbs.&  dramatically changed her midsection, tightening all over. “This was the key to getting past the sticking point in my training.”

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