Aloha everyone! Hope you’re having fun this holiday season! With a brand new, shiny, fresh New Year coming our way, now is a wonderful time to make simple adjustments in our lifestyle to live healthier.

Fad diets: Don’t believe in them. Never been on one.

They’re named fad diets because they come and go so fast. The best way to truly live your healthiest life is to teach yourself to eat healthfully for a lifetime. It may sound difficult but if you select foods you enjoy, chose recipes that fit your budget & available time to prepare the meals, include healthier cheat food options, it will work.

The best decision you can make for yourself and teach your family is to make consistent healthy eating your way of life. Your meal plans should fit your lifestyle & be realistic. Recipes that fit your schedule & budget. Your Fit Food Lifestyle should have longevity and include nutritious foods you enjoy & contain healthy meals you see yourself eating for years to come.

“Consistency is key to a healthy body.” Kiana

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