Aloha everyone! Here are some favorite dumbbells only exercises for you to try next time you workout! I love training with dumbbells, no waiting for machines, you can move easily from one exercise to the next! And you can train anywhere! LMK what you think! Keep flexing! XO Kiana 1. Dead lift row 2. Concentration curls 3. Wide stance sumo dead lift press 4. Static wide stance curls 5. Free rows 6. 2 point hammer curls 7. Piston rows http://www.kiana.com SIGN UP FOR MY PRIVATE CLIENT PROGRAM! https://kiana.com/private_client/ Clients are losing 8-15 lbs in 30 days, keeping the weight off & creating healthy habits! Lose weight, increase energy & get healthy! I can help you! All healthy food included, coaching directly with ME, custom training plan based on your fitness level, schedule & gear. Take control of your health and feel better than you have in decades! Book a call directly with me to learn more or click the link to sign up today! Book a call: https://kiana.com/call-klana/ Sign up to be a Private Client: https://kiana.com/private_client/ #compoundexercises #dumbbellexercises #homegymworkout #workoutsforbeginners #dumbbellworkout #weightlifting #strengthtraining #circuittraining www.kiana.com Autographs https://kiana.com/meet-and-greet-call/ Kiana Training https://kiana.com/pt-2/ Consultation https://kiana.com/phone-consultation/ Simple Weight Loss program https://kiana.com/weight-loss-programs/ Kiana Private Client Program https://kiana.com/get_healthy/ Get my Fit Cooking Book https://kiana.com/fit-cooking-book/ Muscle Meal Plans https://kiana.com/guided-nutrition/ Stream classes http://egym.kiana.com Healthy recipes and meal plans https://kiana.com/recipe-posts/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KianaTomwwwkianacom Instagram: https://instagram.com/kiana_tom_flexappeal_fitmomtv YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KianaTomflexappeal Snapchat: KianaTomFlex TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/Jdnp7NE/

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