5 Home Gym Must Haves

5 Home Gym Must Haves

5 Pieces of Fitness Gear Every Fit Mom Must Have

"Set up a designated home gym and leave it set up.  This makes it easy to do a quickie 😛 workout during the day. The benefits of exercise are cumulative. Do a little throughout your busy day. It all adds up to a fitter, healthier body." Kiana

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#1. Free Weights: This is the #1 MUST HAVE for ANYONE.  You cannot be fit by cardio alone: you will be skinny fat.  You MUST lift weights to gain all important lean muscle.  Having more muscle enables your body to be a fat burning Fit Mom Machine! kiana tom lifting weights on the beachYou literally raise your metabolism all day even while you're sleeping! Say what? That's right: More Muscle = Burn Fat while SLEEPING! Talk about major benefits and multi tasking!  For most women, I recommend 2-3 sets of weights: 2.5 lbs., 5 lbs. 8 lbs.  If your shoe budget can swing it, also get a pair of 10 lb. weights.  You must have a variety of weights for various exercises and to sculpt a strong fit body safely. Browse free weights here

Don't be skinny fat. Lift weights to gain lean muscle.
Don't be skinny fat. Lift weights to gain lean muscle.

#2 Home Gym MAT:  Why? Because you NEED a designated space for your workouts.  Not only does it set up a nice clean surface to protect your knees and joints, but it protects your hard wood floors and Berber carpet from sweat and weight dings.  Most importantly, a Home Gym Mat creates an actual Home Gym space in your home.

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Think about it: You have other important spaces in your home: kitchen for cooking and eating, home office for work, laundry room for cleaning clothes. A designated space for Working Out is imperative for any Fit Mom.  I suggest making a corner in your bedroom, office, garage a "designated" home gym space. Set up the Pro Mat, put the Weights and Jump Rope on it. Leave the Home Gym set up all of the time. this makes it so convenient to do a workout around your busy schedule. My Home Gym Mats are the #1 rated surface made and are health club quality.


Many women around the world Join my eGym & set up their computer or their tablet and log on to my ONLINE WORKOUTS and follow along with their free weights.  Details or register here.

Terrie training along with Fit Mom TV LIVE at home on her computer.


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3. Slam Ball: I use this all of the time in my professional and personal life.  Slam balls do double duty: you slam them which I love because it's an adrenaline rush and terrific stress reliever.  Slam balls develop tremendous core strength.  You can also use it as a weight for squats, curls, presses.  We use it on Fit Mom TV LIVE! (I host a series of LIVE workout classes streamed around the world online.  There are real moms as back up participants losing 20+ lbs., 7+" off their waists hips and thighs EACH. Every workout is a full body blast and we have a blast! Details here.)


4. Jump Rope: A MUST for everyone, anyone.  This is THE BEST way to shed body fat and sculpt Strong and Sexy shoulders STAT! The best part if you get your heart rate up FAST, you can do it in a 2 foot space, take it with you and literally do it anywhere. I do it while my kids play at the park. It's really fun too! My kids and I love to have contest who can jump the longest and do the most unique foot patterns: jump on both feet, run, jump on 1 foot, heel / toe boxer style, etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I suggest 2 types: Speed Rope and Weighted Rope. Why? Speed Rope is super light and is great to do double unders (jump once, but the rope goes under your feet twice). Terrific for fast jumping. The Weighted Rope is um, weighted, so it revolves slower but really strengthens and sculpts your shoulders.  jump_rope_full_length_35d89077-709d-466f-9d10-aaa974f07423_large


5. EZ Grip Weight Plates: These are very versatile and enable you to do all sorts of strength training exercises. I love to use these for shoulders, abdominal and core work.  The double handles make it easy to grip to do shoulder exercises such as front raises for the anterior delts, shrugs for the traps, squats, crunches, lunges.


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PS. One more important reason to workout at home: Monkey see. Monkey do. 🙂

Kiana Tom Monkey See Monkey Do



Have a healthy day!

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