Wrist Curls

This episode was filmed at Disney World, Florida at the Wide World of Sports.  On Kiana's Flex Appeal,  I designed a workout segment called Neglected Body Parts. Many times when people go to the gym they focus on muscle groups they enjoy training, or the show muscles. To get the best body and develop a well-rounded physique, Don't forget commonly neglected exercises such as Wrist curls-

Wrist curls  are an excellent exercise to strengthen the muscles in the forearms and improve grip strength.-

How to do wrist curls: Kneeling at a fitness bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand, arms on the bench so that your wrists are hanging off. Slowly raise and lower, flexing your wrists slowly up. Hold a beat and lower slowly back to starting position. Repeat 15 reps and then flip your arms over to the tops of your arms are on the bench palms are facing upward and repeat 15 reps of each 3 sets.


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