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Kiana's eGym is an award winning, #1 rated, subscription-based online fitness training service used by people of all fitness levels worldwide, wellness organizations, health clubs and fitness professionals and educational institutions. All memberships include free access to Kiana's LIVE fitness classes & workouts, healthy recipes, exercise tutorials & 100's of videos.  No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Kiana's eGym is setting a new precedence in the fitness world.

Members access LIVE Workouts MWF or watch the recorded version


Members can now access all the benefits (& more!) of Kiana's Gym wherever in the world they live. Take LIVE fitness classes, browse 100's of videos, get meal plans & healthy recipes, watch exercise tutorials. "This is the perfect solution for people who want to train with me but cannot come here in person." says Kiana. "I originally started doing this for high profile clients who were on location filming or located across the world. Now with the help of the internet, anyone can train with me wherever in the world you live."

Kiana demonstrates moves for all fitness levels at the beginning of each workout.


Log in and get fit with Kiana, wherever in the world you live.

Take Kiana's LIVE Classes MWF 9:30am pst or watch the recorded version later. "Many people cannot watch the live broadcast because they have work or school, so the 500+ video library and rebroadcasts are perfect for them to stay on schedule.  When it comes to getting into the best shape and staying in the best shape, consistency is key."

When it comes to getting into the best shape and staying in the best shape, consistency is key." says Kiana.

All ages, all fitness levels can do this!


To further the real gym experience, there are real clients as back up participants.  "It's so much fun, we all train really hard yet have the best time! You can hear everyone's comments and watch them giving 100% effort!"

All ages & all fitness levels can do this!

How? Kiana explains exercise modifications before each workout so that Members can choose the version that best suits them.

For example:

  • Beginner: chair squats using their own body weight
  • Intermediate: weighted squats using dumbbells
  • Advanced: jump squats

Follow along using a fitness mat, water bottle, free weights & your own body weight.



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Kiana & daughter FitMomTV.com
Be fit & healthy for YOU. For your KIDS. For you LIFE.

 Be fit & healthy for YOU. For your KIDS. For you LIFE.

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